While many have said we may have a civil war... the army is training




Any opinion on this?


I have not heard of this happening before. So while this may be a coincidinky, the timing is interesting.


Yeah. I got an opinion.
I have to assume a shit storm is coming.

The Sacramento Bee says the training is coordinated with State, County, and local authorities.


I expect Governor Gavin (gimme your guns) Newsom is gonna announce something that he expects will trigger a riot.

I’m located about 15 miles from Camp Pendleton. So helicopter noise I’m used to. But landing in a downtown area is a whole new ballgame.


Its been coming for awhile. If you’re not in a team with their poop in a group you will be New Orleans’d and in a camp faster than you can say leftie poser forum troll.


I would be more worried about the NBCW decontamination drills I saw then the fear mongering government versus us…


Gotta train somewhere. At least there are booze and hookers nearby.


Considering the general location, to fires, obnoxious groups, and illegal immigration to say nothing to earth quakes. Perhaps a bit of training with no folks crowding, rioting or protesting maybe good for dealing with potential crap in CA


Unless there is a credible threat to the city from foreign invasion I just can’t imagine a scenario where an Army would be employed against the citizens.
In big disaster situations the National Guard steps in but this is described as combat training.
It’s possible, the training in LA and Long Beach (major shipping port) is prep in the event of combat elsewhere.

But I’ve lived here all my life and never seen anything like this.
It seems to me that combat in a large U.S. city is dangerous for the citizenry. I’m sure they know that. So either there is a threat that makes that possibility acceptable or they expect the citizenry to soon be the targets.

All speculation on my part but I for one don’t like it.


I’m wondering if the training has anything to do with the realities of new warfare tactics deployed by enemies such as Hezbollah during Israel’s 2006 Lebanon War. Previous to that conflict, the Israeli Army had enjoyed mostly overwhelming victories even against bad odds. But that conflict exposed the new strategy of hiding weapons caches and missiles within civilian urban areas, making it difficult to wipe them out without inflicting civilian casualties.



We so need the reset button pushed… 5 or 6 times


still doesn’t explain the guy in a bunny suit deluging down a running blackhawk and the only reason is because of a tactic contamination (NBC).


This is highly illegal and highly treasonous. If any politician tries this they are a traitor and should be arrested, tried and punished accordingly. I really don’t think this will happen anytime soon.


Can anyone here name any socialist countries that have NOT used their military inside of their own countries?

Lest we forget, socialists are the new democrats. Can’t rely on our history to predict what can/will occur here.

What about the democrat politician that called for using nukes on American soil in his anti-gun rant?

Time to wake up, America.


This is not brand new. (I’m not saying it is right.) I remembered this from several years ago and it is probably an extension thereof.


@TheRogueBanshee said,
" I stopped watching the news a long time ago. I figure if it is important… someone on a forum will tell me."
And someone did! :smile:


I’m not typically a conspiracy type guy. The optimist in me says the Pentagon and our military men and women would never turn on us regardless of who the president is.
I want to believe this is training for overseas combat.

But I don’t shave the back of my neck. And those little hairs are standing at attention.


It’s much easier (and cheaper) to train landing in an urban combat in the US versus in the middle east, mostly because you aren’t being shot at here.


I think this has to do more with aid due to disaster than conflict - there is a total lack of immediate ground support as compared to insertion plus the military have quite a few training options with built up areas that can be done with out prying eyes. We are seeing parked aircraft, and aircraft going through expedient decontamination, which all points to muster and RV points but no overwatch or ground suppression.
And if it SAR type scenario than feet on the ground makes a lot of sense,


I have a hard time accepting that this would be disaster training. We’ve had our share of earthquakes and riots. For those the National Gaurd steps up. This is combat training.
A clip I saw on the local news last night showed a chopper dropping about 8-10 armed guys and then they enter an office building.

I’d have thought they were filming an episode of SEAL Team if I didn’t know better.