White House reviewing military options for Iran

White House considering sending 120,000 troops for future war against Iran for Israel


U.S. orders personnel out of Iraq as tension with Iran soars


Iran has been a wretched problem for decades! Bomb the batshit out of them and save countless lives & our children from having to deal with the same bullshit for the next 100 years


If it happens we need to do it right . They need to be wiped of the face of the earth hit them so hard they would never be a threat again. And then tell the eu and Russia that they will not give them any aid to rebuild.


Good luck with that. These two will give them aid because they hate us and want to troll Trump.

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I support taking them out. But I agree with @LonewolfMcQuade just bomb the crap out of them and drop MOAB after MOAB until it’s leveled

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Exactly! Then 30-40, possibly 100 years from now when the radiation settles, it’ll be a great spot for a hugh amusement park for the children! Do it for the children, bomb da shit out of them!