Whitetail Deer Hunting


What part of OH are you in? I have to start working on my dinner reservation…


The rural parts of south-central Ohio.

No need for a reservation. Back-straps will be served anytime after the weekend opener! :sunglasses:




Damn, that’s a monster!


:astonished: Heck of a way to get a set of nice antlers that’s for sure…


If you think you can get into it…



Basically, if you have a quiver like mine that holds 5 arrows, start off at 60 yards, shoot at the POP-CAN target.

Move forward 10 yards after each shot until you hit the POP-CAN target.

Record your yardage after you successfully hit the POP-CAN target.

Share your results with the crew!

Have fun & good luck! :smiley:

Yesterday’s three sets - morning/afternoon/evening


Today’s three sets - morning/afternoon/evening

BTW, it was a bit froggy this morning - right up until about 9:30 or so…


If you have the ability to create a YouTube video, then do so. If not, take a photo. If you wish to add your video to my current Youtube playlist on my channel, by all means do so @ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX-1JMYXAH9MR7IVpkx1O3JDFhwSnHVsm


28 days 10 hours 16 minutes


26 days 10 hours 11 minutes



Eeeh, but who’s counting? Lol


Wat do use to check your game cam pics in the field? I use this little stealth cam card reader. Plugs right in to phone.$12 If i recall correctly. 20180902_210135


:sunglasses: Very similar!

I have an Android Note 4 cell phone using the ES File Explorer App.

Works great! :+1:


I wasn’t aware of this one


It wasn’t very expensive either, something like 19 :deer: 's


My most recent ‘Monster’ :rofl:


Today’s stuff!

I went and pulled two trail cameras out of the woods this afternoon and then swamped cards with the rest of them. I relocated one of those cameras to a main core area known for bucks.

While doing so, I also visited all my tree stand locations. I climbed into each one of them. None of them really needs any major shooting lane maintenance.

On my travels back home, I cleared all the major debris away from my hiking trails.

At two of the tree stand locations, I cleared away all the major vegetation overgrowth from the original deer runs. Now it’ll be a much easier path of least resistance for the deer. Each one of them funnels straight in front of me, my main shooting lane/window :sunglasses:

I also discovered on the way back home, that my very brand-new neighbor is a deer hunter. I found his tree stand on the very back edge of his property right along his fence (within 10’ from the property line) .

Definitely made me chuckle when I seen it :smile:

Especially when I seen his supersized, bright & shiny, brand-new, silver metal colored log chain with a super large keyed Master Lock that was wrapped around his hang-on & the tree like 4 times. I guess to secure the tree in place :rofl:

No climbing sticks in the area, so I assume that he’ll be carrying them when he’s ready to hunt.

That stand location is just within 200 yards from one of my other Loc-Ons. At times past, I used to hunt out of my climber within 100 yards of his current location. I guess I won’t be doing that anymore :smirk:

I still have one new Loc-On stand w/ a new cover-system that I intend on hanging at a brand-new location. I’ll most likely get that taken care of by the end of next weekend.

Then I’ll be completely ready with the exception of washing & hanging hunting clothes, which I’ll do that the week before the opener.

I still have available to my disposal, my Climber, a Pop-up Ground Blind, another Loc-On & a Ladder Stand. All if by chance I feel the need to use them.

I do use my Climber often, depending on whatever situation I may find myself in when pursuing a mature buck. That’s used mainly to close the distance when I spot a real booner from one of my current permanent hunting setups.

Oh, I also checkedout all the data from my trail cameras. I’ll say this, It should be a fun & exciting season for me. I’m totally looking forward to it…

I still managed to get out to do ‘THE POP-CAN CHALLENGE’ after all that. Not bad considering all the work I did in this freaking heatwave we’re having currently.

I’ll say this though, this 52 year old is absolutely beat, trust me on that one… :joy:

Now I’m currently relaxing, watching the “Monster Energy Cup Series: Bojangles’ Southern 500” at Darlington.

Life couldn’t be any better for me at the time being.

Good night Full30-ians! :+1:


Lol, don’t forget to spray some of the wifes perfume around your neighbors stand


I’ve not got into the woods to hunt in a couple years but those are really nice, especially being out in daylight and looking somewhat relaxed.


I’ve put together a video playlist that has nearly 300 videos now - from April 2018 right up until yesterday that you’re more than welcome to view if you like to see deer.

The majority of them are daylight captures of deer. Most of them are Antlerless Deer, like does and fawns.

Some good bucks here & there.

The much bigger bucks will show up later on during the pre-rut stage of the season.

I’ve shared this playlist right here exclusively for the FULL30 members that like to see Whitetail Deer in their natural environment.


You can see a few examples of those trophy bucks from previous seasons on this thread towards the top/beginning of it.

I just placed a new camera in the main core buck area yesterday. So I should be getting more of the mature bucks on camera that are living in my area as soon as next Sunday.