Whitetail Deer Hunting


I’ll be sure to watch it. Thank You very much!


Below is the same location that I just hung my newest trail camera up yesterday.

I did the same thing last year and the year before during the first week of September.

You’ll see some of the core-bucks that live on the property.

I intend on getting the same kind of result when I pull the SD card from that new camera next Sunday. We’ll see what happens.

September 2017 video

In case you didn’t know, I do this intentionally.

I stay out of those main buck core areas throughout most of the year until it gets much closer to the hunting season opening date.

I do that so I do not contamination (leave any kind of human scent behind) the area and potentially push those older, smarterbucks into a different property that I can’t hunt.


Wow! :deer:


23 days 11 hours 31 minutes

5 arrows from 60, 50, 40, 30 & 20 yards in that order for all three takes.

Morning -Take one

Midday - Take Two

Last bit of daylight - Take Three


Rame rardens! Where Shaggy???


Dammit man! This thread should be banned for its influence factor. I’ve always loved archery. I tried bow hunting but was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was an exercise in frustration. Always been a natural with a bow. My daughter wants to get into archery too. I’m either going to have to hit the lottery or sell the race car… I’m buying quick picks :wink:


19 days 21 hours 35 minutes

Yesterday, I got out and hung my last tree stand before the season opener.

360 degree view:

From the ground view:

This tree stand location is the same area where this guy was last season among others as well:


Nice pics! Great spot. Now I need a golf cart for my doghouse blind…





17 days 15 hours 53 minutes

"Bring It" I shall :laughing:


I took a hike earlier looking for another setup location.

While doing so, I came across my first small scrape of the year.

This particular scrape will triple in size as the rut draws near in two months from now.

I have a tree stand that’s within 50 yards of it :wink:


Got my license and tags (regular, archery/muzzleloading - I do both and it kind of sucks the tag is combined - but then I stop at two for our meat needs, and a management anterless tag). Moved my bowhunting ladder stand to a preferred spot and pulled the chain-on stand that was choking a nearby tree. Whew! I’d left it too long and it was part of the tree. :flushed:

May or may not replace the chain-on somewhere else. Maybe next season. I still get it in my head to still-hunt on foot with my traditional bow. That’s always the most challenging and rewarding. And MUCH more interesting.

Cleared a split red maple blow-down and strategically placed the small trimmings to channel deer to either side from a common approach area. (and put up some firewood). Brush-hogged a clearing and left some tall grass in the lower pasture near my stand.

Cleared some brush and added it to my ground blind for gun season.

I haven’t placed my game camera (still a month off) but practice with my recurve bow daily.

And I also have a nice hand-load worked up for my .260 Remington.

I love Fall.



:+1: Fall is my favorite time of the year hands down!

I bought all my outdoor wild-game licences back in early Spring - fishing, small & big game, fur barer & all the appropriate tags needed.

Been shooting my Mathews SoloCam 70# compound bow for the last 4 weeks now.

My only opportunity to get out & shoot 5 arrows this evening from 75 yards.

I still hunt too & from all my hunting locations all the time, and I’ve harvested some good ones that way over the years doing so.

I still have round two ahead of me to further zero in both my deer shotgun & my muzzle-loader.

Debating on using a different ball/sabot & black powder configuration for the the muzzle-loader this year.

I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it, probably in a few weeks.

I currently have five tree stands in place, ready to ‘Rock-n-Roll’ and debating on installing one more Loc-on.

That’s why I went for my hike earlier today, to scope out a new tree in an area where I watched some good bucks last season travel frequently.

I held back my pop-up ground blind & a ladder stand for now, plus I still have an API climber that I always use to close the distance anytime I see a boomer from one of my permanent setups.

16 more days starting tomorrow. Shit is getting serious now!


I don’t get out in the woods to hunt very often for various reasons but when I first realized how nice it is I figured I can buy 20 years more licenses or I can spend what 10 yrs would cost and buy a lifetime sportsmans license. It covers just about everything including fresh and salt water fishing and wma permits. About the only things it doesn’t cover is gator permits and special permit hunts. If I go for ducks I still have to get the federal stamp but that was expected.



13 days 10 hours 24 minutes


Installed a concealment system at one of my setups yesterday & tested out my ‘Field & Stream’ umbrella

Before & After Photo

From the ground view

First five arrows of the day right after my first cup of coffee and waking up a little bit.

Very beautiful morning that’s for sure.

No solid hits this go around, but very close.

Still not a bad group from 75 yards for me anyhow with one high flyer.

Definitely will make the shorter distances feel like chip shots after quite a few of these long distance sessions.

Second session of the day this Saturday afternoon shooting five arrows from 30 yards @ the POP-CAN.

3 out of 5 hits with a decent 4 arrow group & 1 low flyer.

I’ll take it…




4 days 17 hours 30 minutes

The following below is collage of photographs from one of my trail cameras that I just hung approximately two weeks ago at a brand new location.

From top-left to bottom-left, then from top-right to bottom-right is the sequence of time as you can see for yourself from the timestamps at the bottom of each individual photograph.

That little buck I think was mocking me :laughing:


I’m about 99.9% ready for this Saturday’s opener.

Still launching arrows when I can.

It’s raining out currently.

Yesterday’s I managed to get all three practice sessions in - morning, afternoon and last light of the day as you see below from 40, 50 & 75 yards.

Since it’s raining out at the moment,

I’m washing all my early season hunting clothes, installing new broad-heads onto my hunting arrows and tuning them.


I’m a bit excited :smile:


Thats awesome :+1:



2 days 07 hours 45 minutes


Earlier today I hung my last hang-on tree stand for the new season.

It’s in a darn good spot and I have high confidence that it’ll produce.

Last year I watched plenty of deer go in and out that area, including some real big ones.

From the tree stand 360 degree view:

From the stand 360 degree video view:

From the field ground view - two of same photographs, the bottom one with the circles shows the deer run, my trail camera and where my tree stand is located:

And I managed to change out my bow rest and dialed it in this afternoon:

Feel pretty good about my prospects this season.

Stay tuned folks cause this shit is about to get real very. very soon :+1: