Whitetail Deer Hunting



I had 2 monsters at my stand last year, but never saw them in daylight unfortunately. At least 10-12 points. My brother got a big 8 point but I have reason to believe that it was a different one from the two I’ve been following.


@Wildlife don’t let this happen to you!



My 2018/19 Whitetail journey if you’d like to follow along.

Below is a brief summary of the this weekends hunts.

Seen 21 deer in total Saturday.

13 of them within bow range, however 10 of them were before legal time.

4 more on Sunday out of bow range.

25 deer seen in total over the entire 7.5 hours worth of hunting time this weekend.

  • 3.5hrs. Saturday morning hunt - 13 deer seen
  • 2hrs. Saturday evening hunt - 8 deer seen
  • 2hrs. Sunday evening hunt - 4 deer seen

Not bad. It was nice to be back in the tree stands :+1:

Holding off on harvesting any does until I get a really good handle on how many I have in the area first.

No shooter bucks seen at all over the weekend.

The follow are just a few photographs from various hunting setups of mine.from over the weekend.


Good luck & be safe!


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10/27 Wildlife Whitetail Hunting Update:

Sorry for being away, but I’ve been extremely busy between work and getting some of my hunting in when I can.

So far for the season, I’ve harvested some real good eaters. I’m currently in the hunt for a decent mature buck now to tag out for the season.

I’ve hunted approximately a dozen times already since the opener and I’ve had deer encounters in most everyone one of my hunts.

Some hunts were far more exciting than others, however I’ve enjoyed each and every one of them regardless.

In my very first sit within my pop-up ground blind, during our first October weather freeze on the 12th, a small coyote came within 30 yards of me right at first daylight.

Normally I would’ve taken him on the spot, however I could hear deer right behind me at the same time getting ready to step out into the field, so I gave him a free pass. Lucky him!

That coyote eventually winded me as he worked his way even closer, then suddenly turned back around and left the area quickly in the same direction he originally came from.

I believe he too was on the hunt for some venison that morning.

Anyhow, shortly after that encounter, a half a dozen antlerless deer made their way out into the field right in front of me.

I shot the largest antlerless deer (doe) closest to me at approximately 20 yards away at 8:15 a.m.

There was no recovery involved per say cause she was down right away.

I packed up immediately, took care of her where she laid and had her home just before 9:00 a.m.

After that, I spent the next few hours finishing taking care her and got her packaged up into the freezer.

That evening, the wife and I had some super fresh venison steaks for dinner, which was awesome!

Five days later and my very next hunt, which was an evening hunt, I was in my climber for the first time of the season.

Shortly before quitting time, I had five adult antlerless deer within 40 yards of me.

That’s when I harvested doe # 2 at 35 yards. Again, the recovery was nominal, less than 50 yards and still within the field from where I shot her.

She was a much, much bigger doe so I dragged her down to the creek bottom to dress her out.

After I got her home, I hung her for the entire night in the freezing cold.

The next morning I finished carving her up and packaged her into the freezer.

Now I have a fair amount of fresh venison in our freezer, but I still have my buck tag to fill, which is something I hope to do over the next week or two.

The pre-rut is just now kicking off and the rut is right around the corner, which will hopefully offer up some better opportunities at a mature buck during regular daylight hours or legal hunting times.

I haven’t hunted much since my last deer harvest, however I have been checking my trail cameras when I do get out.

I will say the deer activity is definitely picking up some and things are about to get real super exciting around here.

Below is a short video that I took the other day during a short evening hunt right near my home.

I have a camera attached to my bow, so please bare with me cause it’s my first attempt videoing while hunting. I’m not quite proficient with it just yet, but I expect to get better at it the more I get to use it going forward.

At the time, I had three antlerss deer encounters plus a young small eight point buck that was pestering the ladies. He ended up directly down wind of me that you’ll be able to hear him in the video blowing while he was in search for that third doe that was in the area. She ended up right underneath me shortly before quitting time.

So you’ll get to see a little bit of what I witness during many of my hunts. I hope you enjoyed it.

Expect more going forward cause I’ll do my best to document as much as I can.

Do understand that I’m a choosy buck hunter so please have patients with me. It just might take me some time.

I’ve already given many bucks a pass so far including one decent mature buck. All were within bow range.

The first or second week of November is typically when the more mature bucks make their presence known during the daylight hours or legal hunting times.

Don’t forget that I am continuing to share my 2018 deer videos that I’ve captured on trail cameras @

Scroll to the bottom of the list if you wish to view the very latest ones that I’ve added recently.

Best of luck to all those that out there enjoying what ‘Mother Nature’ has to offer this ‘Whitetail Deer Season’!


Outstanding wildlife! thanks for the update👍


Deer Report - 11/02/18

The deer rut is right around the corner and the deer activity has definitely picked up during the daytime recently.

So Today was a real fun day of hunting.

I had a dozen deer encounters and only one them would’ve made me think about picking up my bow, but that particular buck never made it to me or at least within bow range.

I’ll get him next time.

Here are a few examples of deer the were basically underneath me while in my tree-stand.

And one other close encounter from the other morning.

The next 10 days should be not stop deer action so expect more video deer encounters of mine in the near future.

Hope all is doing well?

Take care everyone!


I’m jealous! I’ll be looking at a small lot near the national forest but seeing the health of yours makes me want a piece I can manage w/o all the outside pressure.


Get’em wildlife!!!


My brother has had 5 bucks, 8 points or bigger, on the cameras on his place outside of Kansas City. He is biding his time!! He even sent me video of a young buck that mounted and knocked over his doe decoy!! Funny as hell!!!


:deer: Deer Report - 11/07/18

Just a quick update on my deer hunting progress since the last.

I’ve been hunting every day this week with the exception of yesterday, and the deer rut is just about in full swing.

Any day now, most all of the does will be completely ready for breeding.

The more bigger and mature bucks are making their final preparations as the full rut gets closer and putting those smaller bucks back in their place.

This morning at 7:00 am, I finally got to lay my eyes on my targeted mature buck that I’m after.

He, along with three others, woke up in the middle of the field that was just South of me. They were on the opposite side of the field, approximately 320 yards away from me.

I continued watching them with my binoculars slow walk along the field/wooded edge right by my ‘Southern Stand’. Now, there was no way I could’ve hunted that particular stand on a day like today due to the wrong type wind conditions, but that’s okay. At least I know he’s around still.

It’s all apart of hunting sometimes anyways, but three hours later, one of those bucks from that same group showed up in front of me.


Different view from my trail camera that appears to have the wrong date & time stamp. I need to correct it the next time I get out there.


Of course, he got the free pass because I was hoping that my targeted buck would’ve soon followed, but he never showed up.

The following are some more buck encounters within the same area where I just started hunting that location staring on November 4th and on the 5th, skipped the 6th and hunted it once again today.


Photographs of this first encounter


On November 3rd, in the afternoon, I made up that ‘Pine Licking Branch’ you see in front of my tree stand as a natural deer attractant and scent cover.

360 degree view from the tree stand:

Obviously, it works quite well as you can see.

I’m continuing my journey and quest to seek out that buck I am after.

I have all the way until February 4th of 2019 to make it happen if need be, however I don’t think I’ll need that much time.

I believe I’m fairly close to making it happen relatively soon, but well see.

Until then, I hope all is well with you, your friends and family.

Take care ‘Full30’ Crew!!! :+1:



Thanks for sharing your experience and pictures and videos of your hunt.

Best of luck to you. Hope you get the buck you want.


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which one is for envy…???



Good Luck!


Bow season started 10/01/2018. Have seen a total of zero (0) deer in the woods where I am hunting.

Have seen MANY along the road watching me drive by. I should be hunting from my mailbox.

Game camera shows several bucks. Moving at 10:00PM (NY legal is sunrise to sunset). :frowning: