Whitetail Heaven


Put the new Barnett big mikes blind out today to replace my primos clubhouse xxl that a tree fell on & crushed! Probably head back tomorrow to “blend” it in a little.


This is the machete I beat my way into the overgrown woods with! Hell of a tool!


BS hunter!

Thats a freekin condo in the woods!



Looks wonderful! :+1:

I think you’ll be pleased with it.

I hunt out of mine during the wet weather typically. I always place mine near bedding areas. When it rains, I’m able to get to that area more stealthy cause the deer usually can’t hear and smell me nearly as well during those adverse weather conditions.

Have fun getting your blind further blended in. It has slats on the outside to stuff limbs, weeds, etc,etc on the outside that will hold debris tight in place against the blind. I’d use pine if you’ve got it to help minimize/cover human order and used as a natural deer attractant.

Examples of my ‘Pine Licking Branches’ (White Pine Preferred)

BTW, that’s the buck I harvested last season.

Best of luck to you this season!!!


:bow_and_arrow: = :deer: = :hocho: = :shallow_pan_of_food: = :plate_with_cutlery: = :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m primarily in pine forest near border of bedding area. There are some oaks and other tree’s but lots of pine. don’t want to blend it into soon with the pine because it’ll be dead and barer looking by the time the season gets in the mid streak. damn near thought about going to garage sales and the Goodwill store to find some old artificial Christmas trees and then throw some fresh branches within them LOL


Cool beans!

That’s what a few guys I know do around here, Use Xmas trees. I have an artificial Xmas tree that we haven’t used it in a couple of years now. Maybe I should consider doing the same. We’ll see, I’m not sure I’ll be using my blind yet this season. I have that new umbrella I’ll be using this year at one of my new tree stand locations.


I hear ya there! I’d rather be high up in my Equlizer tree stand! I got a decent size umbrella too. But when windy enough to blow the rain sideways, it’s nice to be in the blind LOL


Excalibur Equinox still on the money! 1st shot , 30 yards. Much closer &;arrow disappears in to target.


Still a difficult task to remove arrows!


As deer season approaches here in the north east, it’s time to send out my annual text message to friends & family again.

"While there are many things to hunt year round, deer season is only a few weeks of the entire year. This is the most treasured part of the year to me. So please don’t be selfish, think of others before thyself! …there will be no:

  1. No weddings
  2. No funerals(die on your own time)
    3.No going into labor with babies(ladies, you can hold that little bundle of joy in a couple more weeks!)
  3. No surgery scheduled or unscheduled!
    5.No vacations
  4. No anything else I may have Forgot!
    For the next couple months, I do not exist!
    Thank you For your cooperation & understanding,
    Love, Russ/dad"


Wind is good, deer moving. Just need El Grande buck to show up


LOL, using a drone?


Lol, no. Wish I had an armed drone


Hidden in the blind today, cold& raining


Fantastic photo’s, thanks for sharing, lets see the kill shot now :deer:


Whats the legality of hunting with an armed drone? Bet I could catch a bigfoot with one of those.


Don’t think we’re even allowed to own an armed drone lol it would be fun for prairie dog & wild pigs



Maybe a trip to the toy store then gunshop later! Lol