Whitetail Heaven


You should invite that kid here.


2 doe 10yds away. But waiting for the dad to come




I’m going to have to start looking up I guess


Having trouble finding deer? Duh, it’s not that hard! They put signs along the road where to stand…


Did your hear about the lady that complained about always hitting deer on the highway? Blamed it on the location of the signs. “Like, why don’t they put those signs somewhere where there’s not so much traffic.”


This one?




Yep, that’s it. The dumb is strong in this one.


Bit windy today. No deer, just obnoxious turkey about 5 feet away


Fryed with mashed taters and gravy!


If i wasn’t waiting for a buck, all the noisy little bastards would be in my freezer tonight!!!



I am convinced the ak47 round is perfect for deer!! 123gr wolf steel case hp out of my ruger ranch 7.62x39. I was able to put the shot through an 8 inch gap in the trees to take a fair 8 point whitetail. He only ran about 15 yards.






Thank you!


Great shooting, nice rifle, nice deer!