Whitetail Heaven


Thanks! My ass is whooped! Lol about a half mile of awful terrain and hills to get him back to the TRUCK! It was a work out & I ain’t getting any younger!!


Congrats! When’s the BBQ?


Maybe when my tired, lazy Ass goes out & gets him out of my truck lol was chugging down some coffee to get some energy to start butchering tonight


I do the same thing. I don’t let them hang for days. I like to start cutting and vacuum sealing !


It’s going to be a long night LOL one of my winch rope broke while cracking the deer up so I’m down at Walmart at effing 10:00 at night getting some roaster pans and more rope!


Man I have been in that situation before. I once knocked down a 11 pointer that yielded ~140lbs of meat! That one was an all nighter. I started at 10:30pm and finished at 6:00am.

Now I skip the small pieces of meat and just stick to the larger ones.


I hear that! Lol I think what I’ll be doing is sectioning all the meat and putting it in roaster pans and covering it with foil and put in the fridge for the night. Whether or not I start on the whiskey now or afterwards is still to be determined! Whiskey now means not much will get done I better wait






7 point?


Technically 8 point, but 1 brow tine is missing tip from fighting


If you guys have ever woke up in the morning feeling like you got the shit kicked out of you, doing stuff like boiling your rack in a pot that she will never ever use again because of it in HER kitchen, is probably why! She’s beating you in your sleep for doing this!


@LonewolfMcQuade thanks for taking all of us on your hunt brother. Congrats!

PS. and our feet didn’t even get wet. LoL :yum:


Thank you! Lol, it was a bit chilly


I need to get me a new blind…some low down dirty thief decided my tent and chair would be better used on their land.I hate a thief…


I just took my buddies head to a taxidermist. He used beetles and some other bug I cant remember…I never knew you could boil it out


It’s how I’ve always done it.


so at any time did your buddy object to having his head covered in Dermestid beetles?