Whitetail Heaven


I have no plans to be your buddy :skull_and_crossbones:


no he really wanted it shrunken…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Nothing worse than a thief!!! I worry my blind will disappear sooner or later. Although, i posted the hell out of the property its on, informed the neibors the property is off limits to all & police are instructed to arrest on sight. Ive made examples of a few who’ve dared, i havent had an issue in years now.


I thought you were all Deer Hunting.
All I see are large skinny dogs.
They are sorta funny lookin dogs ya got back there.

These are Deer:





Those are Mule Deer of course we have out west here.
As we always say the work starts when you pull the trigger.
You just cant throw one of these over you shoulder and walk out.
Average of 250-300 lbs for a 4 point (We only count one side also).
A 4 point is a 2 year old and common here and the pictures shown are likely 3 1/2 feet at the shoulder.
Dodged one in my car the other day on the way to work and I live in a suburbia atmosphere.
Hit one of these and total a car.
We have a small herd we call the Hooper Herd that winters with us all the time.
They strip my grape vines every year and I often find them bedded down in my 1/2 acre pasture between me and my neighbors house.
I see them clear a 4 foot fence in a hop all the time with no effort.
We have White-tales that were imported into Wyoming and are slowly making their way south also.
But the Mule Deer rule this part of the country.
And Yes we like to poke fun at the White-tale hunters.


@Grenz45… I have seen mule deer up close. Wasn’t hunting but sight seeing. Those things are huge but please don’t insult or mock our little weird dogs. Its what we have…and they hide not just run around in the open and make it easy as a turkey shoot


I’d love to hunt mule deer some day, its on my list. But dont underestimate the challange of the elusive whitetail. A mature monster here is a very difficult advisary! They almost never travel in the daytime, only dead of night. Your only chance is the 2 week window of the rut. I think you’ll find anyone who has hunted Whitetail regularly will tell you it’s a lot more of a challenge than hunting the mule deer


Run around in the open, Turkey Shoot?
Not hardly.
I have seen these animals crawl to avoid being seen.
They seem to do Mach One through oak-brush I can barely crawl though.
I have a 4 point on my wall that took me 4 hours to drag (After cleaning) 100 yds through that crap.
I thought I might die of a heart attack before I got it out. (Seriously)
If you catch one in the open during the hunt it is rare.
If they are in the open they are generally hauling the mail because they got shot at.
And these boyz can run at around 45 mph.
Most you see in the trees and moving as to not be seen.
And they are damn good at it.
You hear them before you see them 80% of the time.
And then hunker down and hope you see them first.
Now Elk is a story of its own.
I have NEVER seen an Elk I would shoot during the Elk Hunt.
There is a point where you say.
It is too far or Damn what do I do if I do get him there?
They are even better at avoiding us.

White Tails as mentioned are pretty new here.
And pretty isolated to small specific areas, but spreading slowly.

Our hunts are as follows:
Utah Deer Seasons
Archery Aug. 18-Sept. 14
Muzzleloader Sept. 26-Oct. 4
Early Season Oct. 10-14
General Season Oct. 20-28
So not really any longer.

As far as mocking you folks goes.
It is all in fun. Nothing serious intended; it is more of a knee jerk reaction for us.
They are just Sooo Cute, and tiny. LOL

Just ribbing you folks.
Nothing more.



as was I my friend…but seriously last time I seen a heard of Mule Deer it was not hunting season and had to be at least 50-60 in the field just walking along…hence the turkey shoot comment. I got zero this year as far as deer and so far the same on hogs…coyote now that’s a different story. Had 3 walk in and when I pulled the trigger I expected the other 2 to run but they just walked off a bit. Tiny bit longer shot but still both hit the ground. What we have t worry about here in NC is if you accidentally get a wolf hybrid its a serious fine


Shovel time!


No problem here. Hunting is hunting, no matter your passion. I love it, live it & breath it. I’d kill to be a professional hunter, at least be able to make a living at it. It makes me happy. I enjoy hearing & seeing others stories,adventures & successes!


@Grenz45 Our whitetail arent small lol…


I seen those!!!
They are fast!!!


Get your “couples” costume for next halloween, NICE HEADLIGHTS😂lol



Not the zombie apocalypse most of us have stocked up for and were hoping for…