Who are the moderators here?


There is at least one Nazi sympathizing troll here spreading his filth.
Is there an “ignore” selection so at least I don’t have to read his anti American, Holocaust denying diatribe?


There is none that I can find. The owners are very busy with the site especially after opening up to everyone.

There absolutely needs to be moderation, but it might not come for a while. The least we can use is an ignore user function. That is needed ASAP.


Go lick a land mine, Nazi. People like you who deliberately spread lies about the murder of millions of people are almost worse than the monsters who did it.



Who were you calling a Nazi?

I sure hope it was not Mister_Torgue. He is a good guy - one of the very best here.


Thanks John. I think he may have been talking to one of those problem maker users that were flagged a while ago.

If he is talking to me bring it on! :cowboy_hat_face:


“idiots” arguing with bots again?