Who are your top 10 favorite content creators?


Title is pretty self explanatory. Also, is there any content creators youdont like, who and why?

I like what Mr. Torgue did by starting a Paul Harrell thread, it exposes people to content creators that might not be on here yet(I learned about Paul Harrells from people on here).


Well… other than myself (yes I am biased)…

Colion Noir
Waffenschmiedin x


That’s a tough list to choose from
Ak operators union
Mosin virus


Man, I only get to pick 3?

Garand Thumb
Sage Dynamics
John Lovell (Warrior Poet Society)

Shout out to (in no order) MAC, GY6 Vids, Mr Gunsngear, Small Arms Solutions, Colion Noir, Hickok45, Polenar Tactical, NFA Review Channel, AKOU, Paul Harrel, Thunder Ranch, Sootch00… I mean, with all this quality content, you really expect me to pick favorites? That’s like picking a favorite rifle… all of them.

  1. Paul Harrell
  2. MAC
  3. IV8888

Sorry I missed replying earlier.


This is a truly difficult list
I watch so many content creators I just rifles off a couple


I chose the three that had the biggest impact on me personally back when I was a noob and of those who I go back and rewatch their content the most. :+1:


Forgotten Weapons


For me it’s probably
Garand Thumb
Sage Dynamics
The AK Operators Union

For videos purely on shooting stuff its probably
Frank Proctor’s (Way of The Gun)
Kyle Lamb (VTAC)
Pat McNamara

My choices change sometimes though.

Anybody know of any channels that do alot of torture tests? I watch MACs and Iraq veterens stuff , anything else out there?


@Giantspeed is using government math to get to 3


Lol it’s hard for me to pick just 3


Its is, I changed it to top 10 lol


I can identify most of our contributors, they are all good reads. Moisin Virus, Kyle Lamb, MAC, Iraqveteran88, Forgotten Weapons


I don’t think he’s on Full30 yet but I enjoyed gunblu490 over on YouTube.


I haven’t had a chance yet to watch many content creators. So far I’ve only watched a few. But of the ones I’ve seen so far, these are my favorites:

Paul Harrell
Buffalo’s Outdoors
Garand Thumb
The InRange TV guys
Brian Purkiss (one of our own whose channel I just discovered)