Who attends regular competition?

If you’re a regular competitor, tell us what kind of competition you do and how often.


I’m USPSA, don’t get out as much as I want at this point, health issues.


My two primary competition formats are USPSA and Run and Gun competitions. I also dabble in steel challenge and falling steel.

I used to compete regularly in 3 gun, but got too busy for that. I’m hoping to get back into it soon.

In the near future I want to try out high power and smallbore silhouette.

I am a huge advocate for shooting competitions. They’re extremely fun and you learn a ton about shooting. Competition breeds excellence, so if you want to become excellent at something, competition is a great way to go.

I want to get a local 2 gun match started up in the next few years, but that’s probably more of a dream than a reality. But hey, if some of my 5 year plans fall into place, I might be able to get it to happen!


USPSA mostly, 2 gun when possible, steel on occasion. Got to a few matches here since moving, but have been busy finding a house and stuff lately. Wouldn’t mind finding a bullseye league to get back into. Used to do that back home for years, and miss it! Most challenging discipline in my opinion.


I did speed steel competitions for quite a few years (not recently though). They were non-sanctioned matches at local clubs. The targets usually included stationary plates, spinners, knock-downs, and bowling pins. Fun stuff! I would like to participate again someday.


I competed a bit in IDPA, was kind of into USPSA and did a little 3 gun but shotguns ruined it for me.
IDPA was my favorite, I would like to get into 2 gun but its not available around here anymore.


I run an outlaw two gun competition. We shoot once a month. I used to shoot an outlaw pistol match but USPSA folks took it over.


It’s in MS, a bit far for you to drive.