who do we knew in Las Vegas?


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That’s a lot of ammo!


Aren’t you supposed to get good deals at auction? I guess if you have enough people bidding you need to know what you are bidding so you don’t go over regular retail like the people bidding on the bulk ammo right now.


I noticed that too. High prices.


That is what always happens here in Missouri . People think just because it is at an auction or gun show it has to be cheaper . I can buy new guns from two local.dealers a lot cheaper .


I have always found that funny when people buy stuff for more than retail - thinking they were getting a deal, especially on firearms.
I go in with what would be a wholesale value (at least 1/2 retail and bid accordingly)


they are selling PS90 Mags


I’ve been to a few gun auctions and I got a good deal…once. However at most auctions, the prices are way too high because of uneducated buyers. During a recent estate auction, I was lucky enough to sit next to an FFL who specialized in collectibles/antiques. He said that he finds good deals on guns that are uncommon or relatively unknown to the average person, but he rarely sees good deals on popular models. During that auction, he picked up a 1950’s Colt Buntline .22 revolver for around $400, which he estimated was worth $700+. There was only one other bidder in the room. However, other people were paying retail or more for used Glocks. :man_facepalming: