Who got a new toy for christmas!


Who got a new toy for christmas?!


No new guns for me but I got a 300BLK Ballistic Concepts display, a 9mm HST bullet bouquet, both of which will be great displays for my YouTube channel. I also got a lot of reloading stuff like a shell sorter, Lyman case prep center, Lee auto drum powder measure, thanks like that. Overall it was a good Christmas! What about you, Jtr?!


No new guns yet but I am still looking. My wife and I are empty nesters and
tend to just buy what we need or want when we see it.


I got a M&P 45 1.0 but it’s a police trade in with the night sights & 3-10 round mags that came with it. I also got a Vortex Strikefire II red/green optic for the AR.


I got a number of good 3-Gun related things like some ELS kits, a new holster and lots of target load .223! Overall a good year!


That’s a great start, I have read & seen a lot of great review on that pistol