Who has attended a genuine training facility.


Which one was it?
What was the emphasis?
What weapons were required for the class?


I trained with special operations detective agency. It was a 16 week course that dealt with all aspects of handguns, and shotguns. Including shooting in teams while moving. Also included first responder training, legal, law, testifying in court, how to deal with take downs and cuffing, judo, pressure points, etc.


2-day handgun class at Front Site. I’d love to go and do more, but time is not permitting at this point.


I trained a lot of classes
The most fruitful for me and our crew went 3 separate times
It’s called systema
The instructor is Sonny Puzikas
It requested you bring one AKM rifle/1000rounds
1 pistol of your choice/500-1000 rounds
Often when taking training classes you should bring 2 rifles and 2 pistols due to breakage and maintence required
Systema used to only train in the akm when it was based in fla


This is a huge obstacle for most people when they start training it’s a good watch



Isn’t systema what the secret service uses and trains in to protect the POTUS?


I beleive it has the same name yes don’t quote me on that
It’s a term used by many training classes as well as martial arts instructors
The basis of the training that one attends should reflect what the person being trained wants or needs
Hence a system of training
While some. Courses base there training off of marksmanship others throw it out in a way and teach you to rely on there teachings
While some are excellent teachers of a method it’s just one method
Combining several methods would be prudent but not everyone takes training in the same way
Some think i punched a hole in a target at 400 yards I’m good to go
Others realize there’s a whole diffrent word of training out there to learn
They key to any of this is practice and muscle memory
I train mag changes and acusiton drills all the time


Paktika Province Afghanistan…


I have done three 4 day defensive handgun courses at Front Sight. Take your primary handgun and a spare and 700 rounds of factory ammo. Also holster and mag pouch and at least three double stack or 10 single stack mags.


I dont feel comfortable giving out specific names but I can recommend some instructors that I might have taken a class from ,know of ,or heard good things about from other people and you can checkout the AARs yourself.

Ive mostly taken basic carbine and pistol courses that go over basic gun handling, marksmanship, moving, barricade work etc.

Ive taken a CCW defensive pistol type class that was mainly going over legalities, dealing with cops, basic shot placement, retention techniques, identifyig threats etc.

Ive also taken a few CQC classes which involved shoothouses , some lowlight and force on force stuff.

One class I took was 1100 rounds in 2 days and I used my Colt 6920 which did not give me any issues at all.


The biggest name I have trained with was Tiger McKee, two day tactics class. That was mostly individual low level stuff, using cover and working with a team mate. We also have a local facility and I’ve done a couple of one day classes with them. I’ve also taken courses on CQB/building clearing, alone and in teams from a private instructor. If it’s kosher I could link some videos.


Yea, go for it. Ive posted sketchier stuff ( for example, check this thread out. https://forum.full30.com/t/shtf-sniping/685 )


From a two day course with Tiger McKee

Mississippi Combat Training Academy


Good stuff :+1:



why not own a shotgun?


A good shotgun is needed tool