Who here competes?


I do USPSA once or twice a month, and Run ‘n’ Guns when I can afford to enter. I’m not particularly good, but it satisfies my competitive streak better than video games and I think it keeps me humble in all aspects of my life.


I shoot high power style fun matches at a local range. All at 100 yards with reduced range targets. Makes it both more accessible to new shooters and more interesting since ARs and Carbines can go head to head with Garands and other “big guns”. Each month is a theme, typically based on a famous battle or war; these can include “D-Day”, Foreign Bolt Actions, Vietnam War, etc. Whenever possible I look to shoot my M1 Carbine this year both due to low cost and ability to get great results out of it. Also going to start shoot steel pistol matches there this year.

I’m hoping once I’m better with high power to do more at full distances, though very few places locally have the room to run that. I’ve also started doing a little 3 gun but not in love with it. One club is .223 only, the other has ranges that do not typically exceed 75 yards though they are fun if you’re starting out. Bigger issue is everyone bans steel jacket Russian ammo, which really ups the cost for someone on a budget like me. Don’t like shotgun stages much either, though one club does have a 2gun option.


I don’t have the time or the money. I’m sure it would be fun to try here and here but it take quite a bit of dedication to compete.


I compete in local fun Steel Shoots (Pistol) . I also compete in FCSA 50 BMG 1000 yd Matches. I’m beginning to look into IBS Benchrest Competitions at 600 & 1000 yd, with a smaller caliber. Possibly a 6 Dasher


I compete IPSC matches (low level). Always meeting good people and having great fun.


I wish I had more time to compete but with my work schedule I just can’t do it anymore. I used to be really heavy into Cowboy Action Shooting back in the 90’s…


I use to shoot High Power, NRA large bore pistol silhouette and SMG competition before I became disabled.


Totally. After a year of shooting at local club level stuff, I’ve made about 70 acquaintances that I can hold a conversation with, and a half dozen actual friends. Going to my first regional this fall and I’ll finally see some very new faces from out of the area.


I did during my LE career, mostly police type competitions with a team, bullseye, silhouette and combat. I haven’t done any since I retired. If they had an “Old Geezer” class I’d probably do some.


USPSA has Senior and Super Senior categories so you can see how your scores compare just to other geezers.


I shoot 3 Gun pretty regularly


I shoot some of the local Glock indoor GSSF matches. Easy to do, low cost and a stock gun. My scores are always knocking on the door of 500.