Who is excited about the new Remington V3 TAC-13


Sooooooo… found out they are coming out with this yesterday, the cool factor for me is its semi auto, but is it worth it at about $500.00 more than what a Mossberg 590 Shockwave goes for or the Remington 870 TAC-14. What are your thoughts.


good luck holding onto it in fast firing mode

so, no, not worth $500 more

pump is good enough


I think Remington is holding on by the skin of there teeth and are throwing product out just to garner some sales
We have a few of the box feed magazine models at the shop and it seems they just slapped a magwell on there so they could say they had a magazine fed model
For the 800 dollars this would cost I’d rather get a vepr 12



That its kick ass!


they would be fun to dual wield! unless you have a weak grip, then it’s going to come up and smack you right in the face


sorry, feel I need to buy 2


2 Alice’s or 2 shot guns? I’d take 2 Alice’s as well


Good luck



You can have the guns, I will take her.


Is it cool? Yes! Is it maybe thinking outside the box? Yeah.
Now for the logical train.
If you live in the city in an apartment I can see it as an ok choice for a self defense item, as long as a person trained on it to the point of being proficient with it.
For me and where I live I don’t see any up side to it. Your capacity is 5… less that most revolvers.

Is it a cool gun? Yes! Cool range toy? Yes!
Fun to shoot? Yes! Would I ever recommend some one this particular firearm for a self defense situation? Nope.
Keep in mind this is just an opinion.


Well said
A 12ga like this requires the user to be able to handle it
Add stress and fear on top of it

Just my .02


LOL I had a JC higgins like that.

Had to throw it in the Atlantic. :wink:


might want to make certain that statute of limitations has run out before admitting that…:astonished:




Wow!!! that is a great price,


I think in 20 gauge, I like it for a lot of reasons.

A long time ago a shotgun like this was thought of as the ultimate Close Quarters Home Defense gun, I did say a long time ago, haha.


I could buy another AR and some hollowpoints for that price…so no, I am not too excited . Im not much into shotguns though, but if I was going to buy one it would be a double barrel 10 or 12 ga.


Thats slick looking, could put a loop on the grip and carry it hanging under your arm in a trench coat.


I’m good.