Who Is Going To SHOT Show 2019?


I will be going in under CloverTac (obviously), as media. We will make the Anteris Try & Buy event on Sunday, Industry Day at the Range on Monday and then be there for the full week of SHOT. Are you going? And if so, how are you going? …dealer, booth, media, law enforcement, etc


It is definitely a bucket list item for me. Would love to go someday!


@SteelPinger if you wanna go, you just gotta make it happen. i hear “creators” all the time say they “wished” they could. believe me, it is tough, you gotta save, you gotta fund raise, you gotta be frugal but you can make it happen. and for media, once you go the first time you will realize you pretty much gotta find a way from then on because of what comes from it if you are willing to put in the work.


I can’t make it, I will likely be recovering from having my ankle replaced. It is my hope to make the NRA national convention in Indy. I have friends that live near there so I have a place to stay, and it’s not a crazy long drive either.


@Robocop1051 will be there with a booth on one of the days.


yep, he done hit me up about stopping by


Thanks Doc!

I will be there. I have a booth for the first time ever. You won’t be able to miss me once I’m there. I plan on making a big production about being there. I can’t go into great detail about what’s going to happen, but I’m planning something.

Come see my company, Condition Red Ordnance Manufacturing, and the big debut of my CR-7 .338LM extreme long range battle rifle.

That’s not all I’m bring either. I have more rifles, and more pistols and more and more and more. I don’t know what else I’ll have, but at the very least I can promise you a VERY SPECIAL photo opportunity.

Wednesday January 23rd ONLY!!!

Booth W1606


when we gonna record a podcast so you can talk about CROM? i had no clue, so am sure there are many others in the dark as well… let’s wake em up!


Hit me up!! I love doing podcasts… I mainly just love attention


right, i love the conversation. as of now, free just about anytime this week except Tuesday or Friday after about 6… live@clovertac.com or 903-262-7689


@CloverTac might as well go to SHOT… Everyone seems to make it out as a big deal…lol… See you soon bro!


I won’t be able to make it to 2019. I do hope to try to make it in 2020 though.


@CloverTac & @GhostTactical Take pictures, I can’t go this year. :frowning:


I was just thinking the same thing. I’ve been wanting to attend for years.