Who is making sights for Canik pistols?


Looking to upgrade sights for a canik tp9sa, anyone have knowledge on who is making some aftermarket options, open to suggestions.


A company called Night Fision online makes aftermarket sights for 5 different Canik models.


That is awesome, I had no idea, thanks Travis! :smile:


Not sure what you had from the factory but I’ve got some factory Warren Combat sights on my TP9 DA and they’re fantastic.


My canik has 3 dot sights with no markings, only reason I really want to change is my canik seems to print low for my liking, so I would like to try and get a shorter front, or a taller rear or a mix of both if I can.


Gotcha. Out of curiosity what sights did yours come with?

P.S. Also, we like gun porn here. What’s she look like? :cowboy_hat_face:


Glad to help!!


I bought a Canik TP9SF Elite last night and put the 1st 50 rounds through it without issue. I agree though, I was shooting a bit low at first, but could compensate slightly to get on target. At first, I put the top of the front sight post at the top of the rear ‘V’. I started aiming with the top of the red dot at the top of the V and it was a lot better.

I’m going to practice with it a bit more before I decide whether I want to change anything. I really like the Elite the way it’s set up and it might be a simple matter of training myself to work with the firearm :slight_smile:


with the caniks - at what range and with what ammo?
If memory serves me they are set up to shot NATO ball.



I run +P HSTs and standard pressure Russian steel case ball through mine. Both are flawless so far.


I am mostly plinking with mine at the 7yd and 10yd range. I am getting 2" low if not lower groupings at those ranges, and its not just me everyone who shoots it prints low, I am pretty sure I was just using various ammo like federal bulk box, blazer, win white box etc etc.