Who knows concrete?

Since i need to rebuild the garage now, i was wondering something. I’m thinking of expanding the garage with a 2 foot widening. The current surface was done without correct finishing and has a very rough or dimpled surface.
Can that be skim coated by 1/8-1/4 in. with something to tie into the rest of the pour to make it smoother?
Trying to roll tool boxes, gens, or engine hoists how make for a washboard-type experience.

I’m also on the fence on going stick built or metal. If i go metal i can still get it insulated, done quickly AND have $$$$ left over for more important stuff. :thinking: :_223: :face_with_monocle:



There’s a self leveling mix you can use for tile but I doubt you’d get much for longevity without it, maybe :man_shrugging:


Yes but make sure you get the good stuff, lots of brands but you want one rated for forklifts and such. Product called Magic Mud would do it.


Problem will be the seam where you widen it. A thin coat will crack along that edge unless you tie the old into the new with a heroic effort.


I’m looking, but no luck.

Yep. Thinking of using a saw to cut into the carport slab about a foot away and jack hammer some out, therefore having that side have a good thickness as it matches without “feathering” it in.

Anyone have anything against the metal buildings? I’m looking at 14x26’ 8’ W roll up door next to 30 in. walk through. (front: 1 ft wall sec, roll up door-8ft, 1ft, wall sec., 30 in door, wall section)
4 windows, side walk in door as well under 6K. 2 in insulated add 1.5k.
Adjuster (independent thank god) was nice. I mentioned my old buddy across the street is a public adjuster. (They fight the insurers for customers. and get a cut).
He said i probably wouldn’t need him. lol said stick built runs about $35-50sq.ft. ($11.5k @ $40/sq.ft.) Like i said i can get the metal for 7k with all i want including 150mph wind guarantee.
Saw the other smaller garage with some roof peeled back(future storage/studio space once my friend comes to get the '66 Riv from the carport and all of its parts now stored in there).
I told him that was old damage. He said “So, it got damaged at some point and you have a branch stuck in there now.” lol New outhouse for the water heater (restore gas to the line that runs to a crawfish hook up and a grill under the carport), gutters sagging and pulled away along one entire side and the rear, one shingle to replace, one to reseal at the edge.


What about epoxy on the floor?


I’m looking into that as well.