Who likes the X95?

Upgraded Israel Weapon Industries 18” Barrel X95 Tavor
Geissele Super Sabra Trigger Gen 2 w/ Geissele Super Sabra Lightning Bow Trigger
BCM Gunfighter Extractor Spring Upgrade Kit
Manticore Arms Luma Safety for X95/Tavor
Manticore Arms X95 Cantilever Forend
Manticore Arms X95/Tavor Gasketed Port Cover
Manticore X95 Curved Buttpad
Lantac Dragon DGN556B 1/2-28 UNEF R/H Muzzle Brake
Phase5 Mini Hand Stop M-Lok
Magpul 5-Slot Aluminum M-Lok Rail Section @ 3, 6 & 9
Magpul M-Lok Rail Covers Type 1 & Type 2
Magpul M-Lok QD Sling Mount
TangoDown SCAR P-Rail Panels 6”
TangoDown SCAR P-Rail Panels 2”
LaRue Tactical LT-FUG Forward Universal ‘Pillar’ Grip
Troy Industries Micro Set HK Front and Round Rear Tritium BLK Battle Sights w/ XS Sight Systems Troy CSAT Rear Aperture
Aimpoint Comp M4S w/ EOTech G33.STS 3x Magnifier
Surefire M600 Ultra Z68 Weapon Light – American Defense Manufacturing M600 PKG Mount Combination w/ AD-TacLever Upgrade @ 9
Savvy Sniper Quad X Cobra Sling
2x ALG Defense Forged Sling Swivel
Lancer Systems L5AWM Translucent Smoke 30-Round Magazines w/ 5.56 Magpul loaded up w/ IMI/Federal/Prvi/Black Gun or any other quality brand 62gr M855 FMJ Ammo

I’ve got the original tavor & I like it as is. I believe with the x95, they reconfigured the layout to mimic the ar15, safety, &mag release. That, I don’t like! If I wanted another ar15, I’d have bought an ar15! !

I also like the original Tavor and think it’s a bad move on part of IWI to discontinue it. I really like(d) the various aftermarket handguard options. Particularly the Gear Head Works Eore End in which you can mount a light. Looks amazing and is ergonomically sound with the use of a tape switch. Perfect solution! No such option is yet available for the X95.

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I believe the x95 is a great gun, don’t get me wrong. I just prefer the original first. I believe the x95 is still a better weapon than a AR-15 just at a higher cost. The Tavor was designed around a piston platform, trying to retrofit a piston into an AR-15 which was designed around the gas operated system makes it less reliable in my opinion

One word: Primary Weapons Systems MK118 Mod-2M

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According to the description, that’s a gas block system . Looks promising from a long range aspect with the 2 inch longer barrel.

It’s a piston system done right. PWS derived their design from the AK but it’s more of a push rather than a punch. As a result it’s as soft shooting as a DI AR and very accurate. Best AR-15 on the market hands down.

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