Who loves a Grendel?


Who here likes the Grendel? I love mine. Damn this thing is a tax driver!




Almost bought a VEPR in the 6.5 Grendel. If the PS90 wasn’t so awesome I would of regretted not buying it.

I still may want one at some point.


Love mine, but still need to let it spread it’s wings. So far only limited to 25 yards.


I’ve shot mine out to 100 so far but they are supposed to shine above 200.


I have used mine on the range to 300 yards and love it, only 75 yards on a coyote but as we go into fall I hope to stretch that… once harvest is over the 'yotes are easier to see! Had 4 howling about 250 yards behind the house last night!


6.5 Grendel Zastava AK DMR





Thats pretty cool, I like the looks ,especially how the front sight is back by the gas block.


My question for the Grendel owners is who has taken down an elk? Looking at an Elk hunt next year or after. I’m building a .308 which would do nicely, but if I go before that gets built I need to know how far we’ll that stag will go down. :wink:Of course that’s being a bit presumptuous.


My nephew in AK uses one on moose… but shots are usually under 100 yards


I do, I do!


Nice paint job!