Who Loves Their Slug Slingers? I Do!


Let’s see those slug guns. This one is my H&R Ultra Slug Hunter 12 Gauge. With a 3" chamber, 24" rifled barrel and a little custom trigger work, this ole gal is pretty much just as accurate as any rifle at 100 yards… just with bigger holes!


Everybody’s kit bag needs a reliable shotgun. Slugs are great but so are buckshot, a wee bit better in clearing the room. A fan of #4 Buck, I appreciate the size of holes with slug.:sunglasses:


i agree and own many smooth bore shotguns. rifled shotguns are sorta a smaller niche but tons of fun.


I do I do!


Here’s mine. An 11-87, purchased in 1988, with a Hastings full rifled barrel and Williams iron sights. Added the 4X Weaver scope when I started using Hornady SST Sabots and stretched my range a bit.

It has been a very reliable freezer filler.


I do… no photos… I lost mine in a boating accident




I am not sure what it does…


@Stumpkiller a classic, very nice @RogueGunnWorks i am not sure what to think about that, cool factor times a bazillion for sure though


@Mister_Torgue looks like you got ALL the bases covered there… is that bolt action actually a rifled barrel? …don’t see those that often.


Oh no, not rifled. I just like shooting slugs out of these guys. :cowboy_hat_face:


I like my Winchester Model 12s! One’s a 16 gauge and another is a 12 gauge. I’d love to have an old Winchester Model 97 trench gun, too.


@Equin even the reproduction tench guns are freaking expensive though


Ol Rusty Rat is one of my favorites… hahhahaa


AnAnother pump gun I like… hahhaha this one is fun.
Oh, and I love Mossberg and Benelli…


Used for when I want to get my freaky on… show a little Graffiti and Anarchy


RogueGunnWorks, that’s a nice looking shotgun, middle picture.


@RogueGunnWorks Holy shit dude. I LOVE these. What is the first one? I would pay good money to get you to do something like that for me–or one in a Borderlands 2 theme. I want to buy a cheap 12ga next year to have decorated…


First one is a Mossberg 590 A1 with black aces tactical rail and a keymod grip. Magpul stock of course. Hahhaha


Converted a MKA1919 Match into a slug gun.
Aluminum lower and enhanced the recoil system a bit to save the eyeball from the scope and you have a semi auto slug throwing monster accurate out to around 100 yards.