Who Loves Their Slug Slingers? I Do!


I’ve never seen an M16 carry handle on a a pump shotgun… it feels wrong… but I like it!


yeah thats wild


It looks way cool. Hahahhaa


It grabs customer’s attention


Thats the coolest non double barrel shotgun I have ever seen :+1:


Have you ever fired slugs out of the shockwave style shotguns?


I fire the Aquila Mini slugs out of mine for target practice. It helped me decide on what optical support i would use. Ultimately I settled on a laser for mine to make hip shooting VERY effective.


Yep… and buck shot



That looks like it could be from Borderlands 2. I bet it would look even more awesome with some Torgue livery. :cowboy_hat_face:


I have skull beads for it… and other “accessories” hahhahaha