Who really made your ar15?


Great info. Very similar to the automotive parts industry.


Most industry’s do the same thing. The place I work makes electrical meter bases and we make them for cutter hammer square d Midwest among others.


I worked for a steel mill for quite some time (around 12 years) in my previous career, the steel we made was based on who ordered it and how much carbon was in it…after turning the iron into steel, it was sent to the add other alloys or remove more carbon…less carbon the harder the steel, we supplied many companies such as GE (aircraft division), Ford, GMC, military contractors…and such. What I am getting at is…during the early 2000’s when China was importing massive amounts of steel, the company I worked for would buy most of the imported steel from a China and so did all the steel mills to compete with China but sold it as our own…most of what people hear about steel being crap is from that time period and more than likely from China, this is because they have different criteria for metal and its contents.


Good stuff, I want to see a video like this on lpks.

Ive had a few lowers that were out of spec. This is where QC comes in and some companies do it better than others. I bought a forged Noveske lower that had crooked threads that made the barrel tighten down at an angle, thats no bueno. Also had out of spec pin holes. Aero Precision and SOLGW are my goto for forged recievers. I trust their QC.