Who we are

Just in case you don’t know who Suppressed Nation is or what we do I’d like to make an introduction. I started shooting suppressed for the first time around 2011 and pick up a few cans here and there. The more I shot and hunted the more I enjoyed the benefits of having a can on the end! My wife and children (very young at the time) were not into shooting much until they shot suppressed. Now with reduced recoil and sound they can’t be stopped. They shoot up all my ammo!! They don’t shoot anything anymore without a can and why should they?

I think the first time it really clicked in Joeys mind that he needed a suppressor is when he built a 6.8spc and tried my Dead Air Sandman S. It is so nice to be able to shoot and be fully aware of your surroundings by not have ear plugs in, especially when hunting. Then the bug bit and he’s working on suppressing everything as well! His daughter and toddler son also really enjoy the quiet pew. His son Isaiah has never liked loud noises and has always gone inside when we shot before but now, slap an Energetic Armament NYX on the end of your 22 and he will burn a brick of ammo up and tell you more, more…lol

Fast forward to late 2017 we started working with Hansohn Brothers making videos of suppressors just shooting and plinking. In 2018 Chris Hansohn invested in a B&K 2209 so we could start doing metering videos and head to head comparisons. Nothing beats same day weather conditions, ammo and host comparisons.

Now here we are sitting at the end of 2019. We have made some of our most popular videos comparing top tier suppressors with one another. We have met a ton of suppressor addicts at recent shoots and spent some good times at the ranges talking with the guys who design the cans! Dreams do come true😍Our main focus is to get the most unbiased data collected and shared to potential buyers. We try to be informed so we can give our best recommendation possible.

Suppressed Nation is not a company, we are not dealers, we are just huge fans of suppressors and have been blessed with an opportunity to shoot a lot of suppressors and record our fun and findings. Allen Arms Tactical has stepped up to share some of their demos when needed for shoots as well.

Joey and myself have invested a lot of money in IMACs, new cameras, glass and audio equipment this year. This is purely a hobby for us and like most hobbies that are fun they cost. Right now all three of us( me -Chris,Joey and Chris H) all have full time jobs, not gun related😞so we don’t always have the time to make videos as often as we’d like. We are limited to what guns and how much we shoot per video as all guns and ammo (unless other wise stated) are purchased for our own personal use. Just stating this since we get so many request about using different host and trying different ammos. Trust me we would love to shoot them all!! lol

Hansohn has also stepped up big time yet again and purchased one of the best meters available in the B&K Pulse. So be on the look out for more videos coming this year and next God willing!! If you ever have any question we will do our best to answer them as fast as possible!!-Chris


Fantastic bio!


only took you a year and a whole bit…


It’s great to see your passion in the area of suppression. It really is a huge friction reducer for getting younger folks and people who respond adversely to the noise involved in shooting. Wishing you all the best in the next 12-24 months. Keep at it!


Great content on youtube and insta, been following both ways :slight_smile: