Who would be in your crew?

If you had to get a crew together out of all the Full30 Channels, what top 3 channels would you roll with to help you in your time of need? It could be a zombie apocalypse outbreak, securing an important area like a home or some land for when SHTF, or just a night out on the town to go drink with and tear things up. You get the idea.

For me, I think my top 3 for both securing my home from ISIS and then going out on a night on the town would rank something like this:

  1. Mr GunsNGear
    I feel like Mr. GunsNGear would be the guy that has a lot of experience behind a multitude of weapons, so I know I’d have someone who can watch my back and take some accurate shots downrange with the right load out. If I need to go out on a night on the town, he seems like he’d be the great wingman for me and the rest of the crew, so he has to be my #1 pick based off of that alone. Plus, he’s really focused on prices of items in his videos, so he’ll help me stay on budget in my times of need :slight_smile:

  2. Polenar Tactical
    Since Mr. GunsNGear and myself are going to be buzzed from all the drinking when we go out, we’re actually going to need a crew that can maintain their partying with us but also smoke some bad guys if SHTF in those unpredictable times of the day. I’m pretty sure Ziga can accomplish all on his own, but his whole crew is more than welcome at my table! They have experience in AR’s and AK’s, so knowing they have the ability of properly kicking ass with the top 2 most popular rifle platforms we as a whole use today, I have no doubt about their skill behind the trigger and with a vodka bottle close by :wink:

  3. AK Operators Union
    Who wouldn’t want to have someone in their crew that is not only an awesome shot at both short and long distances, but everyone needs someone on their crew that knows how to pick our gear out for us? If it doesn’t pass the AK Operators Union tests of hell, why would we want anything to do with it? Plus, Paul doesn’t get enough time on the channel as much since he’s a busy guy. This gives him a chance to roll with us and cover my six as Ziga and crew take the wheel when we go roll out.

:gun: :gun: :gun:

  1. HossUSMC
    -Tactically adept, with a good sense of humor and ready for any fight.

  2. Tim from Military Arms Channel
    -Laid back, but with the perfect sense of awareness and readiness, and vast weapons experience.

  3. Don from Sootch00
    -Funny when you need a pick up, but serious if SHTF, and tactically ready for anything, from papercuts to massive fallout.

Others if it were a top 5:
-Reid Henricks of Valor Ridge
-Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical

Get Ready ISIS!


I’ll give you a stone cold serious answer: I would bring everybody in that has actual combat or other military experience or skills as a professional that I know of.

Larry Vickers would rank at the top hands down on any such list simply because of his proliferated SF background and experience.

Others on the list would be;

Skinnymedic (Dietrich is a medic by profession)
IV8888 (Eric served in Iraq with the Army)
AKOUL (Rob is former GROM iirc and is/was in the US Army, Paul is in the 10th Mountain Div iirc)
MAC and TheHossUSMC (Tim and Ian are both Marines)
Sootch, Hickok45 and Mrgunsgear would be useful as well. I would use Don, Greg and Mike as armorers/quarter masters as they are well informed and allround, Don in particular has a good touch for logistics.

I would also like to bring in Paul Howe, Kyle Lamb, Jeff Gonzales, Travis Haley, Jason Falla and Patrick McNamara.

As for me, I’m MOS 01A and have experience with G-3, 4 and 5.

So there you have it…

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I feel like Sootch wouldn’t be very fun out at the bars, but of course he’d be very useful in piecing together an AR-15 from a parts kit. So I guess there’s that…

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Do you think Don is boring or just a colorless guy or something like that? I think he can be fun, he just presents himself as very serious and to the point. I’m sure he’s a great guy to spend time with. Sure he’s dependable though.

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I think you’re looking at this a bit too seriously. This was just meant for fun. I’m not concerned at all about ever having to experience a SHTF situation. If I did, I wouldn’t be seeking out YouTube reviewers to hook up with.

Don is very knowledgable about the gear that he uses and reviews on his channel. I like the fact that he tells you the pro’s about everything he uses and gives a variety of products from top of the line to bottom of the price bucket a chance. My only con about his channel is that very rarely does he ever have a con about an item. I’ve never once seen him say “Stay away from this product, it’s junk, etc.”

If I took Don out with my crew to go out on the town and he were to say that every drink, every chick, and every bar we encountered deserved 2 thumbs up, how would I ever get to know what the guy likes or doesn’t like? You can’t trust somebody like that. :innocent:

Don can be on my list of people I bring to the table at Thanksgiving so all Full30 forum readers know I’m perfectly fine with him. But I can’t take him out to go clubbing or bar hopping - he’ll bum out the rest of the crew.

Let me put it like this: If I were to go out and tear it up in NYC, I’d have the following peeps with me:

  1. Derek Jeter:
    Jeter would be able to get me in to any club or bar with no coverage charges. Not only does that save me money, but once word would get on the streets that Jeter was at a certain club, the tail would shortly follow.

  2. Adele:
    Similar reasons to Jeter (attract some tail because chicks love Adele) but also, who wouldn’t want to share a drink with her? She’d be tons of fun and engage in great conversation. Plus, she’d probably be a good fighter if things were to head south.

  3. Chuck Norris:
    He walks on water and swims on land. Besides, if I didn’t invite him I’m sure he’d find some crazy realistic way of killing me for not setting up such a great opportunity to meet Adele.

See, just a stupid list that doesn’t really mean anything. It’s never going to happen, but if it did, how awesome would it be?

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If you teamed up with Chuck Norris, you wouldn’t need any one else. Chuck Norris is a team all his own.


Full30 only? Iraq8888, Scooch00, and .22plinkster. Might as well have someone that likes to play and not be an idiot doing it, not just a serious shooter. Just about everyone here knows their stuff.

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Reid Henrichs, Rob Ski, Skinny Medic. The first two can shoot like hell. The last can patch any holes. As for the night on the town, the Polenar Tactical crew. Did you see their Shot Show videos? Fun bunch of people, and I am partial to vodka.


That’s because I’m a very serious guy :wink:

Adele? Pleaeaeaease… Dude, no, just no… Anna Netrebko, Sade and Barbra Streisand on the other hand! And if they were still alive: Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holiday, Anette Hanshaw and Nina Simone.

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No love for lifeline oh shame. Combat medic with combat tours…


War’s an Old Fart’s game. So you bring along all the Old War Horses you can get, and all the experienced medics you can get. You win nothing with kids. They don’t have the needed experience, stress resilience, physical strength, prowess nor the insights and years of education needed for effective, intelligent combat. There is a reason why SF units and PMCs are manned by old guys.

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Yes but young guys haven’t figured out they aren’t invincible yet, so are more willing to do things the “old farts” would thing twice about. Good point on the medics.

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That’s because, like I said, they don’t have the insights and experience to know what works and what not. You definitely want the old farts (+/- 35-60) to do the fighting. War and women require the same thing: men, not boys.

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I hear you’re into the classics, but I can’t take Ella Fitzgerald out for a beverage if she’s been 6 feet under since the Clinton Administration.

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Roger that. Okay, how about Renee Olstead, Jessica Dunphy, Megan Boone, Caroline Dhavernas, Elisha Cuthbert, Kate Winslet, Peta Wilson and Jennifer Connelly?

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I’d probably pick my wife. She’s a mean one!!!


Mona Sax, the killer chick.

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I would have to say Tim from Military Arms Channel it would be fun to go and take out some zombies with some rare and valueable military rifles

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