Whole Corn for SHTF Food Storage

If you store rice make it white rice. Frankly brown rice has more nutrition and you’d think that’s what you want, but not for long term storage. Brown rice contains oils that will quickly go rancid. White rice has that nutrition removed and also the oils that makes it go rancid.

I doubt that it will store better than any other brown rice, but gaba rice which has been sprouted is better for you and actually tastes better for “fresh” use. It’s a dry product but even so I keep sack of it in the freezer. I pour some out into a working container as needed.


This is the the chamber vac that I have, but I have the Vacmaster VP112, this video is the VP112S (control panel looks slightly different than mine, as mine has a guage on it) I paid $549 from Webstaurantstore back in summer of 2013. Not sure what they run now. I am only familiar with this one as I have not had any others. Works great for me, only just recently it has gotten finisky on sealing the bag. Perhaps the bar needs replaced Sometimes it seals, sometimes it doesn’t. But this only recently started. I’ll have to look and see if Vacmaster has a new heat bar. I ordered the 5mil bags from the Webstaurant store about 2 months ago because beef jerky poked little micro holes in the 3 mil bags. I order a lot from this store, but play with your items in the cart as shipping cost bounces up at a certain point. But all my 5# spices I get from here.

Foodsaver vs. a chamber vac


Just a note. You don’t need a vacuum sealer, suction style(food saver) or chamber style for dry goods if using oxygen absorbers. Neither sealer type will remove all of the air, hence not all of the O2, from between your rice/beans/etc. There will always be some left and it is that O2 that will cause degradation. With Mylar bags and O2 absorbers you only need to squeeze as much air out of the bag as possible before sealing(can be sealed with a clothes iron or even your wifes flat iron on small bags). If your seal is good and you used properly sized O2 absorbers you will actually see the bag ‘suck’ in after a few days.

While Mylar bags are best, ‘foodsaver’ type bags will work for dry goods IF you also include O2 absorbers. Also note that Mylar bags don’t work well with suction style vacuum sealers. The clear ‘foodsaver’ type bags have one textured side allowing air to be drawn out before sealing. Mylar, being completely smooth, make the sealer think there is a vacuum inside the bag when there actually isn’t. There are some workarounds such as using thin plastic with ridges in it but they are generally a giant P. I.T. A..