Who's πŸŽ‚ day is it?


Happy birthday Tactical!!!


Thanks man. I made it to 54.


@Tactical_Reviews that’s awesome 54, hell you’re just getting into your Prime!!!


Enjoying life.


54 is pretty impressive actually, I turn 29 on the fourth and I find that impressive. Happy birthday.


Happy birthday, Tactical_Reviews.

54 - ah, you are still a young one.

I am in my early 60’s.


Happy birthday in advance, jf89.

29 - enjoy your youth!


54 orbits. Congrats. I can just about remember 54.


Happy bday indeed!! (To hit 20)


Happy Birthday! Here’s hoping you live long enough that I never catch up and hoping I live long enough that it’s always a possibility.



So do you still squat to pee ? You know like a pup!


I’m so old that if I lift my leg, I tip over.


Try leaning on a tree.


@Tactical_Reviews happy birthday sir!


Happy Birthday TR!!!


Happy Birthday!


Maybe I should wish you a nappy birthday. Zzzzzzzz.


Hate the 20 character


Happy Belated Birthday!


Happy Birthday and Best Wishes.
For all you young whippersnappers.