Why am I an evil vial monster?


Why is it after every single mass shooting, my twitter page is flooded with left wing liberal anti-gun wing nuts calling me evil, vial, a monster, gun humper, racist, Nazi, child killer. How is it I’m all of these things after the actions of a criminal? How is it my legally owning firearms makes me the monster? I don’t get it. These are the same people that complain that we are not willing to sit down and talk about common sense gun laws. They come in to the conversation charged with emotion, and expect to have a reasonable discussion.


It’s like they come out of the woodwork, like cockroaches when the lights go out.


That’s how you relax. Today I did the cambering a 300 blackout in to a .223. Yep, it went in enough to close the breach.


Yeah. I think spores is better. Snowflakes are pretty and each one is unique. Spores ugly, fed by Shit and all identical.


He’s a great guy, talk to him on twitter from time to time.


I think it’s something different than this. It isn’t about the guns. It is about the control and these idiots taste blood in the water. Mostly because the world of humanity is stupid and regressing as a species. And social media had a humongous role to play. This will get worse before it gets better and unfortunately it won’t get better in your or my lifetimes.

This is one of the many reasons I refuse to get on social media. It’s a cesspool of regressing humans believing everything at face value and following the crowd. Plus it shows the absolute worse of humanity as you put it in your first post. I could go on about this subject but I digress. :smiley:


You’re/we’re not evil! Its the sheer ignorance & stupidity of the leftwing, nut job assclowns. The older i get, the less patient & tolerant i become to these asshats when i encounter them in the real world. Things i use to ignore & keep going, I now stop & will get in their face! I’m tired of the political correctness bullshit, I’ll dig my heels in and stand when necessary.


Just angry overly emotional liberals searching for the next thing to be outraged about. That’s why there can’t be a sensible, rational discussion… these fools are motivated purely by emotion NOT logic. I think two things need to happen… First, you enable someone to commit such a crime, you face full penalty as if you did it yourself. The dad damn well knew his kid had issues yet allowed his firearms to be used in mass murder. Second, fuck this gun free zone bullshit! Its time to harden the target. Either allow QUALIFIED teachers and staff to carry or put a well armed first responder in the school. There’s room in the budget for this. Cut some of the BS snowflake programs.


If they can blame us and the NRA for crimes like these, then they can accept the blame for the rapes, assaults, tortures, murders that are committed by illegal aliens. The Democrats, celebs, liberals, and all who support illegal immigrants are now responsible for all the horrible crimes they commit here in the US. They own it from now on. Organizations such as LaRaza are raping out children and should be considered a terrorist organization.


George Soros is definitly one of “them” but no one can touch him.


Yes and Warren Buffett too.


You know what, the problem is not guns or folks owning them. The problem started, I believe, when they took prayer out of school. And then, I hate to say it, but I believe a lot of it is the fault of the parents raising a generation of desensitized kids who don’t seem to have any care of the value of life. We as parents are not teaching them right from wrong and in addition there is no punishment for doing wrong. I’m a 50 year old Dad of 1 son. I raised him to be a man of integrity and self worth. I sent him to college and expected him to do well in college. He is now finished and has a good job making his own money and buying his own stuff. My wife and I taught him the value of things in life and we raised him in church so that he would understand and appreciate where his life came from and not to take it, or anyone else’s for granted. Until parents get back to the basics of raising children the right way, we will not see the change that the world seems to want. Just my .02.


The leftist BS that has been fed to students since WWII is showing. These are not “liberals”, these are socialists/communists. The terms and definitions have been manipulated to change the argument. Thomas Jefferson was a liberal, Hitler was a socialist. If you can make Hitler into a right winger and make socialists into Jeffersonian liberals, you win the war. The gun control war is against socialists/communists. Correctly identify the enemy and destroy them. If you believe that Microphone Hogg and Shaved Guevara are liberals, I have a bridge I want to sell you.


When liberals are backed-into the corner with too much logic, they become unhinged. At times like those, use extreme caution!! they tend to melt-down into a diarrhea-like substance, that permeates everything and everyone it comes into contact with. That waste material is caustic and highly toxic… don’t git any on ya!
BTW; David Hogg is promoting a ‘littleboycott’ to protest publix Tomorrow (Friday) for their support of a (shudder) republican candidate…
I had planned on going to BJ’s today because I ran out of half-n-half for my coffee – But I guess I can use milk today, and just do my weekly grocery shopping at Publix instead Tomorrow. That way, I can offset Camera Hogg’s “little boy cott” by one more patron. I’ll walk in shouting “VIVA CHIC FILLET!!”, wearing my N.R.A. Tee Shirt. lol “VIVA USA! VIVA CHIC FILLET!! VIVA NRA!!” lol


I’m very comfortable with my adult beverage preferences, tyvm. :wink: