why am I never around when this happens


Officers stunned when woman drops off $40,000 WWII German rifle to be destroyed in police buy-back scheme

  • Gun brought to the U.S. by American soldier and passed to his daughter
  • It was developed in 1944, holds a 30-round magazine and can shoot 500 rounds per minute
    Course they had to say that…


Why do people do that!






I remember when this happened. All weapons had to be destroyed and they were trying to save this one. I never did hear if they saved it. Would have been a shame if something of such historic value was destroyed.


Last I heard it made it to a museum.


I hope so. I really hate those gun buy backs that have to destroy everything that comes in.


I agree. It’s always a sad day when a society chooses to destroy history in the name of political correctness. :cry: