Why can't I watch Vids


Hello, I’m logged into everything on here, have subscribed to numerous channels, all I see when I click a vid. is a long blue line a small pic. of vid. ? unsubscribe tab and not much else ?

I’m running I.E. 11 and have all the updates ? Do you think that’s my problem my browser ? Maybe I’m doing something wrong been try for over a month now ?

Thanks, 3 out


IE 11? You must be running a 10 year old PC. Use Edge or Chrome or Firefox? I switched to Chrome a couple of years ago and never have problems any more. Highly recommend it. www.google.com/chrome


Yep 2012 is the year it was built, I’ll try chrome as suggested, THANKS


Let us know - I’m confident with Chrome you’re going to see a whole new experience. Takes a little getting used to like anything, but it’s so much faster and well supported that I’ve never looked back!