Why did Full30 Stop paying creators

When I first started posting on Full30 it was great and allowed me to earn some ad revenue from my videos. However, Full30 stopped paying. I know it has been a while, but does anyone know what happened and why they decided to make that change?




You know its all new owners right?

The previous owners ran it in the red as long as they could, the new owners are not running the rev share model right now as they had to put well over six figures into the software as soon as they took over, I’d guess close to 200k right now

On top of that they are footing the personnel, bandwidth and all other associated business costs.

For the moment, tipping is enabled for producers who want it (just ask) and we have affiliates who provide swag for sales and profit splits, same with store swag, though that’s undergoing a big shift right now.

A return to rev sharing is in the works, once the refurb is complete, we even have one large affiliate pushing for it for the producers sake, they want to see all producers earning a check and there’s discussion on how they will spend advertising dollars to that end.

Everyone at FULL30 wants producers to earn money, I was told today we should be out of the first “overhaul” phase by this February, I can’t say what that means exactly but can say there are huge plans in the works, much larger that whats currently seen or even expected.

We’ve begun to put more into ad seeking, the call to action button is improved, more visible, in this screencap you’ll see a grey box seeking advertisers, that will be enabled soon

Even these things have been slow, but, if you want to see a check coming in please, publish and promote, we need a larger viewing audience, as well if you know anyone who would like to advertise with us please let me know, it’s not impossible to pay out referrals on those too :sunglasses:


Thanks Robert. I was unaware of the details. I’ve noticed changes in how it looks. How do I enable tipping? Thanks.


Email sent!