Why did Sig cut its shooting team?

Supposedly budget cuts… which is bullshit. Most likely for a payroll boost.

(From the article)

"Sig Sauer alerted Team Sig members last week that their time with the shooting organization was over as the gun maker discreetly dismantled the shooting group.

Team Sig’s digital footprint all but vanished when the company wiped the website clean of any reference, removing the team page and deleting all social media tracks.

The move was unexpected and quietly disseminated among the shooters; however, some team members refused to stay quiet, instead airing their grievances on Facebook.

“All good things must come to an end it seems,” posted Team Sig member Mike Vosen to Facebook. “Team Sig has done its job introducing the Sig P320 to the competition world and Sig is now more popular than ever in the shooting sports. For 2017, Sig Sauer is refocusing their marketing approach and has dissolved our beloved Team Sig.”

Tracie Rushing’s page was inundated with well wishes as she announced the undoing of the team.

After one comment questioned the decision on Sig’s part, Rushing offered a two-worded explanation — “budget cuts.”

Though some team members expressed disappointment over the decision, most took a stance of understanding and vowed to continue using Sig products.

“I was rocking a Sig before I was selected for the team. I’ll be rocking a Sig now as well. Their decision doesn’t change how I feel about the products I represented,” Tim Herron said on a shooter’s forum. “I have no regrets. In the end, it’s all business. I get it.”

“I’m still shooting the P320, and will continue to do so,” Clay Klemm also posted to the online forum. “No change for me.”

The latest iteration of Team Sig was created last year with more than 25 competitive shooters. Led by team captain and IPSC World Champion Max Michel, the team attended various shooting matches across the U.S., providing Sig with feedback and showcasing the new P320 model handgun.

Michel and team member Lena Miculek are both still under contract with Sig Sauer and will continue to represent the company in competition and public events.

Guns.com reached out to Sig for an official statement regarding Team Sig, but received no comment by the time of publication."


Put your tinfoil hats on…

The first comment in the comment section made sense…

The last one I thought was funny , wonder if its true?

(Rest of post in that pic)


Mr. Cohen is an Israeli and former IDF officer. One could easily make the argument that it is in the best interests of the State of Israel to see foreign companies Like Sig, who are most definitely direct competitors for a whole host of israeli weapons manufactures to fall on hard times. And the fact that he is on the verge of destroying
his second competitor is just a coincidence. Naturally I am not suggesting that Cohen is still operating as an Israeli agent tasked with destroying a major foreign competitors. I mean that would be just plain silly right…

I must be getting old because in my book, born in the US or not, choosing to serve in the armed forces of any foreign country rather than the US armed forces is an act of treason. I don’t give a damn if some how or another Israel got a special exemption. Anyone serving in the Israeli army should automatically forfeit their US citizenship. Why? because like every other army in the world, you have to swear your allegiance to
Israel when you enlist. Which is precisely why joining the armed forces of any foreign country automatically costs you your US citizenship. It is exactly the same in Israel. The only difference is the power of the Jewish/israeli lobby. Only a fool would trust anyone claiming dual citizenship to put America or Americans ahead of their other country."



now that’s some tight foil :tinfoil:

I like it :rofl: :rofl:


The article is from 2016. It looks like there is a Team Sig but not as big as it was.


It’s nowhere near as good either. I just liked that comment about Cohen being an Israeli agent man.


SIG probably did have to cut the shooting team for budget reasons. It’s probably real.

They undercut the military contract solicitation by millions and millions, just to get the contract - and put out an 80% pistol. The military had to figure out what was wrong with the pistol, report back to SIG, and basically “finish the R&D” for SIG…

and now they’re spending millions and millions fixing all those guns, and keeping the contract that was awarded.

My best guess… It’s not about executive salaries - it’s about making their once-again 80% solution, release-to-public, let public-figure-it-out… then fix it. This time, it was the .mil pistol contract, though.

,Mil should’a went 19X on this one. None of this would be happening right now…

…and SIG would still have it’s Shooting Team… :rofl:


They had lots of QC issues way before they even had whiff of the contract. This just made it worse. I agree Glock wouldve been better but money talks and I think the gov. figured they could just figure the issues out as they went since the initial testing wasnt very complete or thorough.
Nothing against the platform, its just new and growing pains are bound to happen. Just look at the stoner platform, it just got fielded prematurely but eventually ended up being a good firearm.

On the plus side most everything I’ve read or heard about m17s in the wild seem to be positive so Sig is working on the issues. I still dont think as a platform that its quite where it should be though. The competitive shooters love the gun. They need to ditch that idiot Cohen.


Glock hasn’t ever used it’s customers as it’s R&D base, though. They release them when the guns work. /Done.
Sig made their bid for the Army contract at 169.5 MILLION dollars. They won, because that undercut bid was 103 MILLION dollars less than the Glock bid on that contract solicitation. $$$ talks.

They’re spending that money now, though, to fix what they gave the Army… They knew they underbid it, and they knew those guns weren’t ready yet… Yeah, buttfukit - “let the Army figure it out, and we’ll make final revisions…” Same thing they do to their consumer/civilian market.

It was money, not quality, for the Army.Oh, plus the serious SIG love that the Army has, for some reason. There’s a lobbyist for SIG that HAS to have vacation homes all over the planet.

Seen all the SIG contracts that have won recently? The SMG solicitation was cut short - after announcing that it was expanded - yeah, suddenly ended - as SIG was declared the victor, in tests that weren’t conducted (2 years ago). They just got the ammo contract for 6.5 Creedmoor ammo, too. That just announced in the last few days - telling me that they beat out Black Hills Ammunition?! It happened…

SIG has a serious IN with the Army, and it’s apparent. I wish I was that lobbyist, raking in millions… It’s probably Michael Avenatti…


Might not seem like much, but Glock got the contract award for the entire French Army, for the G17 Gen 5. We might be able to import these in a few years, hardly fired.

At least the French tested the pistol, against whatever else they tested it against. That’s a plus.


Glock seems to be a fitting gun for the French


This is the big thing to me too. Glock also takes care of its customers better overall ,imo. I still think the p320 has a chance.


Do the French even fight wars? I thought white flags were the standard issue :rofl:

Don’t almost all the U.S. Special Forces use Glock 19s? Marsoc, Delta, Rangers, SEALs, etc




Then theres quite of LE around the world that are switching to Glocks still

Glock still dominating LE sales around the world.


They seem to be the types to like bling stuff. Maybe a rhinestone HK would suit them better.

These guys are a little less “French” though



That’s the place to go for surplus military weapons, brother - never fired and only dropped once… :laughing:


They started a new shooting team, they set targets up 10 yards and drop their 320’s strategically and try to hit the target.


Thats why he shoots at two yards . He is working up to ten so he can make the team.