Why do I love oddball stuff? Is it a disease?


Ugh. I just love oddball stuff. Just look at half the stuff I own. Star BM, Bulgarian Makarov, Maadi Helwan Brigadier, FN PS90, Hi-Point 995TS carbine converted to a bullpup and a bolt action 20ga shotgun to name a few.

What is it about the weird stuff?

So that having been said, guess what I want now? Something I don’t like but can be turned in to something I will like. You all know I’m a steel frame handgun guy…so…



Yea. You saw that right. Mister Torgue wants a Glock… The shitty part is these are discontinued now. Ugh something else I am too late to the party on.


Welcome to my world brother. I’m with you on the weird stuff, and most of what I want now is hard to find. Let the hunt begin…


Nothing wrong with it. I love big bore. Can’t wait until the latest arrives, a AR500 automax


It’s because oddball stuff is so cool. I have 2 guns in 5.7x28. I want to do an 80% poly80 in 460 Rowland.


Indeed! Hunt has begun. :cowboy_hat_face:


A .460 Rowland 1911 is on my list. :wink:



This is what I grouse hunt with.

And this is what I bow hunt with.

And my deer rifle is a .260 Remington.

I prefer the term “eccentric” over “oddball”. :wink:


Be unique or be a commie…


But the commies made some unique stuff!


@Stumpkiller I’ve always liked that Fowler of yours! Good looking possibles pouch too. Do you make your own powder horns?


Yes…yes they did and me likey. :heart_eyes:




A part of why we enjoy this forum is appreciation of things that work, be it old, odd, or other applications of other ways to propel stuff.





Yes and no. I have several I made from local cow horn.

However, my two favorite horns were made for me by expert horners who I got to know (think a site like this but for traditional muzzleloaders where the “core” group has been around 15 years). That pouch was made for me by a friend (who’s been on borrowed time for 25 years since an accident left him a paraplegic) and the strap by a “character” from West Virginia. I like to make my own gear, but there’s something about sharing it around that is even better.


I emailed KKM Precision to see if they are manufacturing any more 9x25 Dillon Glock 20/40 conversion barrels. I’ll post any replies I get.


Here is the reply I got. :smiley: I put myself on the list for a G20 4.6” non-threaded barrel. No idea how many others are on the list. I encourage anyone interested to reach out to their support email inquiring about it so you can be added to the list. Let’s get another run of these going!



We do make 9x25 barrels for Glock 20 and Glock 40, from 4.6” to 7.25”, threaded ($240) or non-threaded ($175). Please provide your NAME and PHONE NUMBER and ITEM CONFIGURATION desired. This information will be placed on an interest list. Once the list has reached 15 barrels, we can justify starting a run to fulfill those orders. Customer will be contacted when run starts and there will be a 30-60 day lead time from that point. These are custom items made to order, we do not stock these items, be advised.


Also wanna add these awesome cartridges.


The odd thing I want to do is put a Glock 17 slide assembly on a 19 frame. Voila! The Glock 19L is bornt!


Why not just cut the grip down on a G17?