Why do you show that people delete their posts?


I see a bunch of posts where the post was deleted by the author and will be removed. Remove it already! I don’t need to know that they deleted it. If I didn’t see it to begin with, I don’t need to know about it. It’s like saying, “Hey, you know what?” “What?”, “ah Never mind”. “Really?”


The logical reasoning for this is in case someone posts something illegal, offensive and or against the site policies one can report the post to the moderation team regardless if it was deleted or not.

I for one support having this feature. It is pretty easy to ignore and isn’t that big of a deal. :+1:


Maybe I’m missing something. If it was deleted how is it offensive? It just says it was deleted.


I was referring to the original post.

For example, lets say I come out with some garbage like “I’m going to start going on a rampage against someone on this forum” then decide to delete it. That post should still be able to be flagged even after the author deletes it.


I would assume that mods and admins can still see the post, the rest of us, no.


I could be wrong but I get the feeling some of the stuff that gets deleted would have been some of the funniest to read.?


Now see, I either want to see it all or not even know it was ever there. I bet that was some funny shit​:joy::joy:


It was magical but I deleted it to keep the e-virus from spreading.


To that dead bloodied snowman was HILARIOUS!!!


Speaking of Connor Mcgregor(and of derailing a thread), I hope Mcgregor returns to the UFC soon. Cant wait to see him wreck Diaz and Khabib.


(Post deleted by unseen, unnamed Illuminiti powers and will be automatically expunged in 24 hours whether flagged or not)