Why get a PCC or AR15 for home defense when you can have one of these



Good stuff srdiver



True, look at what isis did in Egypt last year and that was to their own people.


One of the craziest things I ever saw was in Afghanistan, this is long but worth it…My BC was incoming from a flight and I took a Toyota pickup we had and went to flight line to wait and pick him up, probably 75 yards below me on the hill was group of Polish soldiers, one of which had a German Shepard, about 15 or so guys sitting on and around a pallet with there gear on it…I was sitting in truck facing a huge valley that I knew the Chikhooks would be coming from…I saw one coming probably a mile or so away…as it kept getting closer I could see it was going to go right over the Polish guys below me…I was wondering if they were paying attention, they were not…the closer the copter got I rolled up the windows in the truck because there was going to be a hell of a dust cloud when the chopper got over us because it would be very low, the landing pad was about 100 yards from where I was sitting…The guy with the dog was sitting on some gear and did not seem to realize what was going to happen, when the chopper was about 250 yards from them the dust stated flying and then it was too late, the chopper went right over them not more than 100 feet above them, the guy and dog got flip flopped across the ground about 5 times, several of the other people got knocked down and the rest were diving for cover, I was safe inside the truck and felt bad for them, but they should have been paying attention. The chopper pilots probably had a good laugh…after dust cleared the Polish guys were a mess, gear all over and everybody was chit brown…when my BC got off and saw me he came over to get in truck and I told him what just happened, he said that sounds bad and when he saw the mess below us he laughed and said they will not make that mistake again…that poor Dog was in shock…he was raising hell and jumping around like he was on crack…he probably took out a few throats after that…lol…


I love dogs.
Especially that one.