Why Glock


This just a question from a novice, what is it that draws so many people to Glock?

I am looking to purchase a new EDC and a lot of the folks I shoot/ train with shoot Glock and are pushing me in that direction. I currently have a Smith & Wesson shield 45 performance center that I love. I also have this same gun in 9mm. However I would like more capacity and am leaning towards the Smith & Wesson MP9 2.0.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


While each person is different, I can only give my reasons.

Glock is not my favorite handgun. It is however my choice for EDC. It’s small, light weight, reliable, and what I put at the top of my list, has nothing sticking out of it to snag on things. No exposed hammer, safety, mag release. It’s a for the most part smooth gun that gets the job done at a mid range price.


Why capacity?

Assuming its conceal carry why not back up mags and a slim profile carry pistol?

make it easy on yourself?


@Tactical_Reviews said it perfectly.


Sig p320 is another good option similar to Glock


Good question. That is what I am currently doing, so here are two reasons why.
1). I carry at church and like for it to not be obvious, while I have succes in hiding my fire arm the mags are a bit tricky when tucking in a shirt. And tend to bulge in the pocket.
2). This was the explanation I gave to my wife when she said “why do you need another gun. :rofl:


Here is my 2 cents. Glocks are a love or hate thing. I personally like Glocks, they are reliable and dependable and simple. now on the other hand you need to get something that you feel comfortable with in your hands, some people do not like the Glock grip feel, hence why you see so many modified Glocks out there with grip reductions and so forth. The Smith and Wesson Shields are a great option if you like them better they are slimmer and more comfortable in my opinion i actually carry a Shield in 9 i like the slimness of it for concealing. But at the end of the day it comes down to what you feel comfortable carrying on you and what feels good in your hands. both are reliable self defense weapons.


Nothing wrong with Glocks. (Wanna get that out of the way right at the start.)
I would add a Walther PPQ M2 to your list of candidates. Comfortable, light, reliable and (per the masses) possibly the best striker fire trigger on the market.


Had glock, DO NOT LIKE GLOCK! S&W M&P 2.0 isn’t bad, xd, etc. No high point!


You can get a compact sized p320 , it will have a 4" barrel then you can run the compact frame which is glock 19 sized or spend $50 and get the subcompact frame which makes it glock 26 sized or even get the carry sized frame and it will have the same grip as a glock 17. So it is very versatile and you can get it in .45 acp or 9mm. Its also the same price or a little cheaper than Glock and it has a huge aftermarket since becoming the militaries new pistol.


I own a Glock but I’m not a fan boy by any means
I’m actually a detractor for a few reasons
The grip angle on a Glock sucks imo it makes it a lot easier for inexperienced user to limp wrist a shot
We sell Glocks all day long at our shop to ford time buyers just because there police friend or a shooting friend said it’s the best gun out there
They have a hard time listening to someone that sells and repairs firearms for a living
In this day and age there are so many alternatives to any choice
I prefer to carry a sig p250 or p226 or a M&p


For me great price point,reliabilty,simplicity,the most insane aftermarket you can imagine.


Hmm, I never even considered that. Every time I pick one up, it just doesn’t feel right to me, too box-ey. Hence I never got one.


I’m a fan of all firearms. Having said that I agree with the recommendations of your peers pushing you toward the Glock.
Why? I cannot give the answer justice, but I will try.
I have shot glocks for 16 years and 1911 for 27 years and I Carry a Glock for a few reasons.

  1. The Glock has 3 safety’s on it none of witch will let you forget to to disengage it when there is a threat and your under stress.
  2. Polymer lower allows one to run +p and +p+ ammunition.
  3. Capacity is high and that is nice to not have to reload.
  4. KISS keep “it simple stupid” there are not a bunch of levers or buttons to learn.
  5. In my experience with them they are very reliable and functional.
  6. Price, they do not break the bank to buy one.

Just my two cents.


@EQuinn a lot of people feel the same way you do about it being box-ey but they like the reliablity of it. I have modified a ton of frames in my old shop and its always been the owner looking to get a more Natural or more comfortable grip on it.


^ My exact thoughts!

Would also like to recommend a CZ-75 clone as well. They are pretty good at all things.

Myself I’ll end up carrying either my old steel frame Star BM or an FN Five SeveN. Because I am THAT guy.


Cz-75 is a excellent pistol
The only issue most people have with them is the slide being so small
In actuality simple training removes this gripe


Most of what I’ll say has already been covered, but I’ll give my reasons:

Reliability (I once ran 2000 rounds through my G19 during a 4 day pistol training class without any cleaning and had zero malfunctions).

Simplicity (fewer parts than almost any other auto pistol out there).

Phenomenal aftermarket support (if you want it, they probably make it for the Glock).

Cheap and easy to rebuild yourself.

Accurate enough for a combat handgun (and you can buy better barrels etc to accurize it if desired).

Size to capacity ratio (always a decent amount of rounds for the size of gun).

Over the years, I’ve owned and shot probably every design of handgun out there. In my experience I can say for sure that there are many other guns out there that feel better in my hand, and definitely some that are more comfortable to shoot than a Glock…however, I love the ultra simple design, and total reliability (in my experience) of the Glock.

I hate getting a gun that I really like only to find that mags are unavailable or ultra expensive…night sights are non-existent or super expensive…or, when I need a part that has worn, I have to call customer service and pay overnight air shipping ($40-$50) back to the manufacturer so they can replace a $5 part that they won’t sell to the public.

I’ve loved my Hi Powers, my 1911s and many others, but I train with and carry my Glock.
I only own one other carry gun that is not a Glock, and that one is an XD Tactical with the stupid ass grip safety bypassed.


Tried PPQ or VP9 yet?


Robert…if that was directed to me, then yes, I have run both.
Both are excellent pistols…my problem with them was the higher slide/sight profile on both.
The VP9 didn’t make sense to me because the gun was the same size as my G17 with the capacity of the G19 and not as concealable as either (for me) the night sights (flashlight glow sights) were a joke.
The Walther PPQ (gen1) was a stellar gun, but sight acquisition (for me) was not as quick as my Glocks…also, aftermarket support sucked.
Now let me qualify my statements by saying I got both of these when they first came out, so I know a couple of those things have changed. Overall very good guns, just not quite for me and my preference.
(If this was at OP sorry for the interruption!)