Why I bother

Why Do I Bother?

This may seem strange to you, but it is simply because my neighbour’s rights are violated by every firearms law and regulation.

Unlike you, my neighbour does not have access to a firearm with which He/She may defend Their life, liberty, or property.

If I do not advocate for them, I cannot consider myself to be a free man.

Does my advocacy positively affect your ability to enjoy your hobby?


Do I care?

Not particularly.

In any event, my neighbour’s rights trump your enjoyment - every time!

this everyone who is what a defender of gun rights and the 2nd Amendment should be saying - stop being a selfish progressive and think of someone other than yourselves.


You are Correct!!
I fight and am rather outspoken about subjects for that reason.
Those who do not Step Up will lose everything for all.
Step Up or Shut Up I say often.


Those of us, more than me, are Vietnam Vets, we put up once or more for everybody and our risks, beliefs, and butts were dearly on the line. That makes my decisions on these matters are made with some experience and clear understanding of what the outcome CAN be. I am in good company, thanks


Bingo! Hit the nail on the head.


I agree brother but for years and years my teaching and warnings have fallen on deaf ears or uninterested zombies
Now I only educate people that show interest or express a willingness to learn
It’s to simple of a idea for sheep to grasp anymore
There more worried about when the internet goes down


Well come on that is pretty serious too. I mean how else would we get updates on @joe and @Belt-Fed s bowl movements of the mouth?

The internet will be nothing to me soon, to be honest, internet forums are dying off and I have no desire to use social media,even reddit is full of progressives looking for drama. I like this place and one or two other forums everything else is herding its people to Facebook pages.

In real life I don’t care for a lot of people. I try to be social but being an asshole just comes natural when you live in a blue state. #becoming_A_hermit


…and Instagram, Twitter, etc.

That trend is very ironic, since those liberal social media giants are trying to silence us through incremental censorship (i.e. policy changes).


Where is @Belt-Fed anyway. Haven’t seen him for a few. You don’t have him locked up in your basement wearing fishnet stockings for you do you?


No but i think I see him in the bushes with a VHS camcorder


Why do they not have access to firearms ?


Gone fishing IIRC
Good for him.
My beach is open
My range is open
Felt good to blast some pics of commie faces down range.
Did "it’ for mommy
Good for us.


why does anyone not have firearms?
right off the bat
Local restrictions
Beliefs due to optics and events
Lack of experience or exposure (or over exposure and hollywood)
Belief in the police are there to protect you.
Every one has access to a firearm, some choose and believe that someone else will have one and come to their “rescue” , to protect them when they call.