Why is the IWI Tavor not more popular?


Everything i have read says the Tavor is an excellent weapon. Why has it not been seeing as much popularity as the SCAR or Bren? Is Israel the only country using them? What am I missing here?



They are amazing weapons. I think the higher price keeps most people away. The X95 I have is wow, that’s all I can say.


Outside of video games, the SCAR isn’t that popular due to its insane cost. The Bren is growing in popularity because it’s accurate, easy to maintain, and modular.

The Tavor isn’t as easy to disassemble and it isn’t as accurate as other rifles. It also isn’t as modular. Furthermore, people aren’t all in on the bullpup thing.

IMO, bullpups are only useful if you’re CQB offhand shooting. If you do anything that involves using improvised rests, a traditional rifle is more advantages. Weapon manipulations are also easier on more traditional rifles.

For the average firearms owner, an AR-15 of lower cost can outperform a Tavor (or other pmag adapter) of higher costs. So why spend more?


The FAL has the same issue, cost around $2k. Great weapon, I love mine. But ARs are so low cost now.


Yup - that’s the biggest thing.

Why spend more?


Definitely price! I only own 1 tavor, I have, let’s just say, more than one AR LOL I think the Tavor in my personal opinion, is superior to the AR platform! At least right now, you could buy 3 budget ar’s for what you’ll pay for one Tavor. And who doesn’t like buying new guns as often as possible?


IMO it is much closer to a


I so want an Uzi.


I think a lot of people already know I love bullpups. While the TAVOR is great and I own one, I like the X95 better.
They did use a barrel bushing to help keep crap out of the works… if you remove it, accuracy improves a bit.
Like stated, close range weapon, great for vehicles, inside a house, etc.
Maybe I just like the odd ducks. Both my TAVOR and the X95 will eat any ammo, love that.
Funny thing is, I run around with a suppressed LWRC…


I honestly think it’s a combination of price, accuracy, and a persons lack of an ability to adapt to a different platform.

I want the original tavor, but I cannot justify the price for what I get, and take into consideration what I already have.


They are spendy… but high quality ARs are even more expensive


Does it come in adult chamberings?

(Kidding, just kidding).


They’ll shoot flatter and with greater accuracy though.


Flatter? How so?


I have been interested for years in a Tavor-because I do not want to SBR an M4 and because they look cool. Friends who own them love them and nobody expects them to out-shoot a stock M4. I will absolutely invest in an X95, but when I get one the M4 is still the go-to piece. I think the IDF is the only military that uses it general-issue, but their special forces use the M4. Any IDF guys on here?


I see quite a bit more Scars/Brens than Tavors at rental ranges, gun range, etc and I have even seen a couple guys running Scars in 3 gun competitions.

Multiple militaries and LEAs have switched to SCARs , it is gaining popularity worldwide .

The video game/Tactical Timmy types have developed a cult mentality about Scars, its kind of funny to get them going. I prefer the AR15 ,by far.

I didnt get a chance to test long rage but out at 200 yards I was hitting about 5" ,It was ok but no AR15.


Depends, the Tavor is nothing super special in terms of barrel, trigger, fit or finish. For $1500 you could easily find a BCM or DD which are on par with something like the Tavor. The high end precision guns are not really comparable to the Tavor which seems to be more of a run and gun/CQ weapon. The one I shot was nice and I have zero complaints with the one I handled and have read very few negative reviews.


I agree , High end AR15s run far better barrels and triggers. For more $ though.


Why the IDF chose the Tavor over the M4:(obviously a bias source but still a good read)

Tavor vs M16 , according to the IDF


Tavor vs M4: An IDF soldiers perspective

Here is a discussion we had on why the IDF commandos might be switching back to M4s from the Tavor. Its apples to oranges, really.


I was wondering what the Scar/Bren offer people that the Tavor dosnt?


A tuned AR will have much flatter recoil impulse than a Tavor.