Why is the IWI Tavor not more popular?


I have actually been wondering what kind of feedback the SCAR was getting from end users. Do you have any links or know where I find that info?


Need to remember, weapons systems like the X95 are purpose built for a reason. They’re not made for long range, not built for medium range. They are built for close quarters, within buildings where other carbines don’t do as well. The carbine was built for urban combat because your standard rifle was too long. While a carbine works well in urban combat, once in a building it starts to get a little long. Even with a 14" barrel. Comparing the X95 to lets say a 20" Grendal is like comparing a Hummer to a Vette. Sure, the Vette does better on the road, but the Hummer does better off road.

Just my 2 cents.


now I understand. I thought you were referring to flatter trajectory not less recoil.


Yeah, when I saw your comment I immediately knew what you thought. I shoulda phrased my original comment differently.


I have seen this for what it’s worth.

There is a lot more articles on this you can just enter scar 17 problems.

For the record I have not experienced any problems running them, but my experience with them is low round counts.


Cool video, I was more curious about the various militaries & LEAs issues with SCARs.


I’m a big IWI/IDF supporter but…
Some old guys won’t buy a Star Wars Blaster.
We’re funny like that.


So I picked up a SCAR heavy when they first came out. I was very excited…
Then I went to the range. 3" group at 100 yards with a Trijicon Acupoint 5-20x50 on Nightforce rings. This was many years ago, I believe it was on both Winchester and Black Hills ammo… different weights. Then it pissed me off I could not readily pick up mags…