Why is the IWI Tavor not more popular?


Yes for me to be able to go left or right handed in a CQB scenario is a big deal. Also I am a big bullpup fan. I had my perfect rifle for a few years (a Kel Tec RFB) thing was perfect ergonomically was soft shooting and spent cases just rolled out the front. I loved that rifle so much even had the thing completely NP3 treated. Then she went tits up (receiver cracked with the feed rail on one side almost completely separating from the rifle) It took almost a year to get it back from the factory. Now can’t trust it. I also was one of thirst in on the waiting list for the DT MDR but got tired of their bullshit. So while waiting for this the AR308 platforms technology caught up with its little sons (AR15) so I decided to build the custom one I posted about and am trying not to look back.


Still waiting on this since I handled one at GAOS


I have a TAVOR, 2 X95s and the DESERT Tech MDR…
The MDR is rad. 100% love it.
But I love the IWI too…
Now I can shoot it both right handed and left no problem. So can my lefty friend.


I’m not a fan of any bull pups and I’m biased because of history. Back when I was a young shaver, There was this place where terrorism was rampant and on the news constantly. That place was Ireland, and they were killing British solders because of their newly adopted bullpups. There was an interview that has stuck with me from that time and has biased me all these years (may have been in SOF). The interview was with an IRA guy that talked about how they would set up ambushes on certain sides of the street because the Brits could not get cover in door ways with their bull pups on the left side of the street. When they were using the SLR (FAL) they did not have that issue but the right hand only nature of the bull pups put their troops in harms way because the gun could not be shouldered from the left side. This stuck with me ever since and biased me against them and I think its a semi legitimate arguement even today. I’m now old, and can’t even walk due to a drunk driver so having to use a gun in any thing like combat is not a likely issue so it really does not matter to me now I guess but my bias is still there.


The MDR, RFB, P90, F2000 are true ambi bullpups. Others can be switched but when going to room it doesn’t matter if it takes 30 seconds or 10 minutes to swap ejection- it’s Not doable on the fly hence my disdain.

Switch hittin (shooting righ or left) let’s you use cover better and slice the pie more efficiently. And in those intense fluid situations I’ll take every advantage I can get. That is the primary reason the TAVOR is out for me.


I have zero issues with switch from right to left with the TAVOR or the X95… the brass does hit my beard but that’s it.


if you switch to the beeswax base beard butter, those shells will Glide right off better than the deflector on the rifle😂


Might try one out again when the Tabor 7 comes out.


I have been waiting for the TAVOR 7… could not wait and picked up a DESERT TECH MDR
Holy smokes I love that rifle.


The Tavor looks more cool


I will get one at some point!

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