Why is the media not ramming the Annapolis shooting down our throats?


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They will cover it only if it helps with there narrative.


Or, they don’t want to give any other nutcase out there any more ideas on taking out more journalist - copycat nuts!


Now that we know it was a pump shotgun they will probably point out the terror that the guy under the desk heard. The sound Joe Biden told us was sufficient in itself to deter any threat. The RACK!! :flushed::scream::flushed::scream: :sob::sob:


^ Winner!!

(to hit 20)


Dana Loesch is taking a lot of heat over this latest shooting for what she said 2 years ago (media/reporter should be curb-stomped)


OMG, the left will dig up anything said at any point in time to rip people.


@Tactical_Reviews, Yep.


Why ? it does not fit the Assault Weapon Ban…


Never forget, rjburk, that “assault weapons” are just their first attack point. Their real goal is the disarming of all civilians. So, they will go after essentially any gun.


Next will be calling your bolt action rifle a sniper rifle.



So, just don’t put a scope on it and I will be fine? LOL (but sad!)


OK, I’ll mount a camera and use my smart phone.


If the POS media is not hammering this shooter and us - it must be because he is another unhigged libturd. The dnc media must be confronted everywhere. maxine moron says harrassment is OK
Have at 'em

BTW pissing on an anti Trump demonstration with some LOUD HD’s at 11am.