Why Journalists and Politicians are Frightened by Armed Defense

"Armed citizens stopped a mass murderer at the West Freeway Church of Christ. When we plain folk in fly-over country heard that the attacker was stopped quickly, most of us thought, “Praise God.” In contrast, Joe Biden said it was irrational to allow anyone to be armed at any religious institution. Some journalists said they were terrified that ordinary citizens could be armed at church.

“Why is the emotional response from politicians and journalists so different from ours? We know something that they don’t know. Those of us who live in fly-over country know Armed America, and the elites don’t.”

You know something the elites don’t know. You know Armed America. RM


Really simple to answer, when liberals disarm the public they can pretty much do anything they want. They know that and will continue to try and force their BS on us. just takes a look at the states they have disarmed and look at all the stupid new laws put into effect.

We haven’t seen nothing yet if they are successful in disarming the country.


Maybe because Soros tells them their opinion in the form of their paycheck?

Just guessing



Interesting how the anti-gunners would have had a field day (month) if the entire church congregation were killed, demanding even more gun control and saying how those poor people should not have had to worry about being killed while attending church. But when the people at the church stop the killer by shooting him, now the congregation are portrayed as bad people for defending their lives. They are no longer a useful tool for the anti-gunners to use to push their agenda simply because they didn’t die, and that’s pathetic.

I wonder if the anti-gunners think people sit in church with their guns sitting on top of their Bibles and hymnals. I don’t think they realize that carrying a firearm is no different than putting your belt on, or a tie, or putting your wallet in your pocket. It’s just part of your attire and an extension of you that will not even be noticed by most people or the wearer.
It seems to be inconceivable to them that someone can perform day to day activities while carrying a firearm without that gun being the center of their focus. It’s the anti-gunners who are gun nuts and obsessed with guns, not a gun owner. It seems to be on their mind constantly.


Well said @RedAngel.


A plutocracy (Greek: πλοῦτος, ploutos , ‘wealth’ + κράτος, kratos , ‘power’) or plutarchy is a society that is ruled or controlled by people of great wealth or income.

To control the people with your wealth you must control their minds.
people who are…
1.) Armed
2.) Religious
3.) Not Dependent on you

Are hard to control.
EVERY democrat law is designed to destroy some aspect of these 3 things.
They are playing the dictator manifesto right down the line.


I see I missed good posts as I wrote the following.

When the left is upset that the death toll wasn’t higher that tells you all you need to know about them. That’s basically what they’re stating if one thinks about it. Of course they can’t see that, they’re blind to their own evil; they see evil as “good” and are 100% out of sync’ with what’s really good. But deep down they know. satan knows he’s condemned and why he is, and the left is satans mental spawn, still in rebellion against what’s good.

Why do the self proclaimed elites get upset? Because they’re afraid that we’ll wake up and decide to do something about their self serving elite status. They would much rather have us with pitchforks and torches and they have with the guns to mow us down with*. For that very reason we can never give them up. Free men have guns and the folks in charge needn’t be afraid if they are actually doing what they’re supposed to do. But the elites ARE afraid that we’ll figure out just how they’ve been screwing us over all of these years.

Are we going to be forced to do something? I don’t have that answer. I kinda hope so because I want payback. I’ve been fighting these SOBs for the past 55 years. But it just might be out of our hands, another much more powerful entity might take it on. That will be REAL payback. But I won’t be surprised if we need to take it on as our forebears did over 300 years ago.

*I chose my words carefully and meant exactly what I wrote. I can’t remember a single mass murder where the doer was a right leaning person and had the values of “good” in his heart. I can only remember the left doing those evil deeds. So when the left says they don’t trust us with firearms they are really saying that they know what they’d do with them and they project themselves onto us, so “mowing us down” is definitely in their playbook since they have a history of it as mass murderers, but there’s more. Speaking of history, history is full of the left killing their own populations (mowing them down) when they gain power. When freedom takes hold in a country that never happens. It’s always the left that does that.


Its because they are not right.




I like that Robert. In oh so many ways they aren’t right.


This. They want Americans disarmed. Don’t think they don’t know something or Biden processes it wrong.


I think many are simply so radically removed from practical reality, so incapable of doing anything themselves (figuring things out, making repairs, using tools, etc.), so lacking in comprehension of how things in the world happen or get done, so deeply dependent upon and submissive to “authority,” and so insulated from unpleasant facts of life, that they are frightened by almost anything outside their extremely narrow experience–which they define as “proper” and “normal.”

To them, if it doesn’t involve taking public transport to an office, sending emails in a cubicle, buying groceries, and then watching propaganda television, then it’s pretty scary shit. I’m reminded of the childlike creatures called Eloi in H. G. Wells’ work The Time Machine. This is also why they’re afraid of knives. They don’t even grasp the idea that you might need to CUT something. Soon, they’ll be sucking all their pre-chewed food from a tube that’s delivered by drones. Simultaneously, they look down on others as “uncivilized.”

Sadly, I have far too much interaction with this type.