Why Polymer80 pistol build?

I am a dealer for Polymer80, and have a few builds sitting around. There are a few reasons why I like these PF series, but price is not the reason. You can buy an official Glock for less than you can build one. But here in MD legislature passed a law requiring a handgun Qualification License meaning you have to go get training, pay a fee and purchase a license to buy a pistol. The qualification license doesn’t require range time either. I can qualify for one with my hunters safety card, but don’t want to pay for fingerprinting or the license. The p80 allows me to get around that and build a custom piece.

I have well over 500 rounds in my PF940c and my PF940SC.

What are your thoughts? Let’s see your builds. I am going to add the lowers again for anyone who is interested at https://greenwellarmory.com


I did 3 of those and have a couple more planned


I like how easy they are with a dremel. I definitely would like to do an 80 sig or 1911. Maybe one day.


The 80%1911 is a great project
But a exspensive one due to the tooling you must buy
I beleive I paid just around 600 dollars for all the jigs and specialty tools
That’s not even including frames and kits
Most complete kits are running about 800-1000 dollars
I only bought all these things because I plan on doing a few of them for myself
The polymer framed 80% guns are very easy and a lot of fun and can be built for a lower cost if you shop around
The 1911 80% builds require some skill and a lot of measuring
It’s not break out the dremmel and drill drill a few holes


Yeah, I will have to wait until I have some extra cash (Never happens) and time (Never happens) and get my workshop built to embark in that endeavor.


It’s a fun project
I’ll probably build myself one a year
My Xmas present to myself