Why we clean the range



I’ve been seeing this all day. IMO, it looks like the air handling system failed. You can see it getting thicker in there. After a while the unburned powder reached it’s flashover point, and boom.


Holy shit! I had no idea that would happen.


It can happen any where you have a high concentrations of dust in the air . Grain bins and powder paint systems are some of the highest risk areas.


Anyone notice the lady wearing flip flops?
In all honesty their are a few WTF things going on here.

I hope everyone was ok.


This makes me glad I shoot outdoors.


I just didn’t think about the un burnt powder. Negligence on someones part for not stopping activity.




Also notice it looks like training rounds, or blanks. There’s no recoil when they are shooting, and there is s lot of sparks coming out of the barrel (Un burnt powder).


My thought was, why are they shooting dragons breath indoors.


Ha! Yeah me too. I didn’t know the cops ordered from firequest.com!




Fricken NUTS!!!
Yeah, I will take the cold outside any day over a indoor range.


We have an awesome indoor range. We haven’t been to an outdoor range yet.


While I am sure indoor ranges have major advantages, like not dealing with the 20°F weather today, I have not been to one yet that was not extremely loud. Not trying to knock indoor ranges, just my experience. Maybe because there are people also there I do not know. Hahhahahaha trust issues.


Your range does look sweet…



Since I have only been shooting at TSA I have nothing to compare it to :grinning:


Most indoor ranges are simply loud because the sound is trapped. As a rule I double up on ear protection.