Why we clean the range


Me to.


Wow, that video is crazy.

^ This. Once I found an outdoor range close to me I’ll never go back indoors again.


Yes, it’s not only gunpowder that will explode.
Grain silos are notorious for going seriously bang, too.
There was one in our old neighborhood, next to the railroad.
Every couple of years or so it would disappear in a fireball.


Holy Shit! No more indoor ranges for me, either. Damn! I’ll take my desert shooting spot, thank you very much.

I wondered about that. Now it makes sense.


A little tip:
Indoor ranges are less annoying if you put your head in a metal bucket and beat on it with a hammer before going inside.


You all need to come to Raleigh and go to TSA. That would change your mind about indoor ranges I promise.


Nah. Indoor ranges no more. I like the fresh air, wind and more space an outdoor range provides. Plus being slightly claustrophobic I never liked indoor ranges anyway, only went by necessity.


The outdoor ranges in our area have some crazy requirement for membership so we just stick with TSA. Someday we may get to shoot outside.


Shoot out side… I know your area maybe full of crappy rules and what not, but go outside, like into the deep woods… shoot for the day.
Your ears with thank you and you will have a whole new experience I promise. :grin:


I love indoor ranges, particularly when they have the key panel,

15 yards, enter, shoot, 0, enter, inspect


Indoor when you live in town can beat the heck out of driving out of town to go shoot, when you’re just test firing or maybe needing to site in before a match etc etc

And its not like outdoor ranges don’t have their own issues, given you have to pay, or pay more, at an indoor, usually you’ll see less riff raff, and they are often monitored well, the owners don’t care for BS either.

Does anyone know how the people in the video ended up? ok I hope.