Why YouTube Sucks!!!


Just to be clear, I have voiced my concern with them in comments to their videos, e-mails, etc.
They have been playing this game where they would demonetize my videos while they were “hot” (newly posted basically) and then reverse their decision upon manual review.

Recently, their manual reviews started coming back confirming their initial demonetization decision.
So, just for the craps and giggles I decided to contact them.
Got into a chat. Since I am generally a nice guy, and I don’t know how much pull the person on the other end of the ethernet cable has I decided to not be unprofessional…

Here is the entire chat:

Joan 12:11 PM
Thanks for contacting YouTube Creator Support. You are now chatting with Joan. How can I help you today?

Joan 12:11 PM
Hi there!

MosinVirus 12:11 PM
Hi Joan

Joan 12:11 PM
Hope you’re doing well.

MosinVirus 12:11 PM
I am, hope you are doing well also

Joan 12:12 PM
Yes, I am. Thanks! I believe you have a concern about the monetization status of some of your videos, right?

MosinVirus 12:13 PM
Yes, I have been going through the cycle of getting some of my videos labeled as “Limited or no Ads”, requesting a manual review, getting them Okay’ed, and recently some have come back as Confirmed by manual review as “Limited or no Ads”

MosinVirus 12:14 PM
Which makes no sense, since there is nothing about those videos that is different from my other videos

Joan 12:15 PM
I see. I’d love to see what I can do to help. Can I have the video ID in concern?

MosinVirus 12:16 PM
By video ID do you mean the URL?

Joan 12:16 PM
The URL will also work.

MosinVirus 12:16 PM

MosinVirus 12:16 PM
for example

Joan 12:17 PM
Thanks! Is this the only video in concern?

MosinVirus 12:17 PM
No, give me a minute and I will gather URLs for the rest

MosinVirus 12:18 PM

Joan 12:18 PM
Sure, no worries!

MosinVirus 12:18 PM

MosinVirus 12:19 PM

MosinVirus 12:19 PM

MosinVirus 12:19 PM

MosinVirus 12:20 PM

MosinVirus 12:20 PM
These are all of them

Joan 12:21 PM
Alright, thanks!

Joan 12:22 PM
I’ll just need a couple of minutes while I review them for you.

MosinVirus 12:22 PM
Thank you for looking into it

Joan 12:22 PM
One moment please.

Joan 12:28 PM
Hi there, thanks for waiting.

MosinVirus 12:28 PM
sure thing

Joan 12:28 PM
Apologies for the delay.

MosinVirus 12:28 PM
No problem

Joan 12:29 PM
Upon checking on your videos, we found that due to the nature of your videos or video metadata, including your video title, thumbnail or tags, we’ve found that your content does not align with the advertiser-friendly content guidelines and may not be suitable for all brands.

Joan 12:30 PM
Because of this, your video will remain with a yellow icon and receive limited to no ads (videos with yellow icons will still earn YouTube Red revenue).

MosinVirus 12:30 PM
But these videos are not really different from other videos

MosinVirus 12:30 PM
That was my issue in the first place

MosinVirus 12:31 PM
For example, how is this video:

Joan 12:31 PM
I know that this wasn’t the answer you’re expecting. However, this has already been reviewed and our internal team decided to keep your channel’s monetization suspended.

MosinVirus 12:32 PM
different from this video in the same series:

MosinVirus 12:32 PM
Or this one:

Joan 12:33 PM
Thanks for providing the information

Joan 12:33 PM
Advertiser-friendly content is content that’s appropriate for all audiences. It has little to no inappropriate or mature content in the video stream, thumbnail, or metadata (such as in the video title).

MosinVirus 12:34 PM
Right, these are all videos of the same type, with similar thumbnails, and content

MosinVirus 12:34 PM
but parts 1 and 3 are okay, whereas part 2 is not

Joan 12:36 PM
As much as I’d love to confirm which part caused it to disable the monetization, I’m unable to do that

MosinVirus 12:36 PM
It seems arbitrary to me, which is why I am contacting you

MosinVirus 12:37 PM
For example, if you can tell me that a Thumbnail is the issue, I will replace it, and then how would I request another review?

Joan 12:38 PM
That’s very understandable. However, we’re unable to provide video editorial advise.

MosinVirus 12:38 PM
But shouldn’t you educate creators as to what in particular is the issue with the video?

MosinVirus 12:38 PM
this way creators can learn to not make the same mistake?

Joan 12:38 PM
If you’d like to find out more, you can read through our page https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6162278

MosinVirus 12:39 PM
Most of my videos are monetized

MosinVirus 12:39 PM
somehow, some were flagged but okay’ed after manual review

MosinVirus 12:39 PM
somehow others were not okay’ed

MosinVirus 12:39 PM
I would like to know why.

MosinVirus 12:40 PM
It seems I am doing the right thing since most of my videos are monetized and I cannot figure out why 7 are not

MosinVirus 12:40 PM
can you help me with that?

MosinVirus 12:40 PM
of the 260 videos

Joan 12:40 PM
We really appreciate your interest but I’m afraid I’m unable to provide more detailed information.

MosinVirus 12:41 PM
So there is literally nothing I can do to get those 7 to be re-monetized?

Joan 12:41 PM
The available guidelines were already provided on the link.

MosinVirus 12:41 PM
And if I am not violating any of those guidelines?

Joan 12:42 PM
I believe these videos are already reviewed after you appealed.

MosinVirus 12:42 PM
And if a wrong decision was made?

Joan 12:44 PM
The appeal was manually reviewed. That is why when we first decided to demonetize the video, the option to appeal was given.\

MosinVirus 12:45 PM
So there is nothing anyone can do about it after your staff reviewed these videos?

MosinVirus 12:46 PM
The problem I see with this is that when you first decided to demonetize some of my videos I was looking at about 20 or 30 videos, most of which the decision was reversed on. Clearly YouTube was making the same mistake over and over

MosinVirus 12:47 PM
And without any explanation as to why, some of the videos remain demonetized when they are nearly identical to others in the same series.

Joan 12:48 PM
I really wish I had better new for you.

MosinVirus 12:51 PM
I wish I had better understanding on how to avoid getting demonetized, when YouTube can simply make these kinds of decisions, even though I am not violating any of the guidelines.

MosinVirus 12:51 PM
Thank you, I guess

MosinVirus 12:51 PM
for your time

Joan 12:52 PM
Aside from your video’s monetization, is there anything else that I can help you with?

MosinVirus 12:53 PM
I just wanted to learn about better meeting your guidelines. So I guess there is nothing else.

MosinVirus 12:53 PM
Thank you

Joan 12:55 PM
Thanks for chatting with YouTube Support Team. Feel free to reach us out if you have other concerns. Have a great day!

Joan 12:55 PM
Thanks for contacting YouTube. Please take a moment to give us your feedback on your chat session:


Give feedback for them to fuck off.


Trust me, total deletion is only a few months away. Their hope is you will walk away on your own, fail that, they will delete you.


This :point_up_2:

Tell them Brawndo is not sufficient brain food.


The reset button needs to be banged a few times… just saying


Someone /everyone effected needs to file lawsuits against these asshats


Obviously cost prohibitive for most, but Can you imagine you puke being slapped with 100,000 or even 1,000,000 discrimination lawsuits simultaneously?




That’s what needs to happen… bring their money grubbing commie asses to their knees


I wonder if there’s any gun loving class action attorneys around?


Yeah. They lie right through their teeth!


Same lame Email I got, they don’t care.


I thought that things were bad when they first started going after gun channels, then I quit youtubing on my old channel(had nothing to do with guns, just beer, geek shit, and general tom foolery) and come back with a new channel only to find you now have to apply for YouTube partnership as well as having stricter requirements. Fuck that platform man.


To @Mosinvirus, Sir I was richly impressed with the calmness you conducted the interview. Joan was not hired for her bravery or empathy but only to appear to nicely tell anyone “Not Happening”. You posed a logical and organized series of questions and received nothing in return. I am not a Creator, but with over 250 videos it would seem you should be respected for that alone, but more to answer your questions with more interest in helping than covering her ‘tushy’.
Not only do I admire your gunwork, but also your attempt to receive good information from a ding-bat.


And so YouTube retaliated.

More videos added to Limited or No Ads category…

But… check this out… I am using a “Limited or No Ads” filter in Video Manager.

Why is one of the monetized videos showing in the list?

Also, notice there are more videos that show “Confirmed by manual review” but I never even saw them added to the list to ask for a manual review…

Like I said before, there were only those 7 videos on the list originally. You can see all the ones I requested manual reviews for, but some of the ones that were not on the list before have been added and show that they were manually reviewed… even though I was never notified about them being demonetized and never requested manual reviews.


They did this very thing to my channel for about 8 months. Never tell you something was demonitized, so I had to check every day. They even removed one video I have 2 million views on and was getting over 10k views a day. You’'re on the list, and it only ends one way.


Maybe work “Gay Rights” in to all the titles.(gays have the same gun rights & abilities for self protection) see if any of those get flagged for demonitized.


^ This.



Maybe YouTube would like this better !


Just got these emails.

Email 1

Hi MosinVirus,

After manually reviewing 2 of your videos, we’ve confirmed that they aren’t suitable for all advertisers. As a result, they will continue to run limited or no ads.

  • “Glock Detail Disassembly/Strip CLOSE UP”
  • “HK USP 45 Reassembly After Detail Strip”

Your videos remain playable and are still eligible to earn subscription revenue from YouTube Red. You can find more information about our advertiser-friendly guidelines in our Help Center.


The YouTube team

Email 2

Hi MosinVirus,

Great news! After manually reviewing your video, we’ve determined that it is suitable for all advertisers:


The YouTube team