Wifes new gun she got for my daughter's birthday...🤔


So I went and picked it up, still has shipping oil, zero signs mag was ever inserted or slide racked…


And my wife claimed it, my daughter now gets hand me downs…

Which is good as it smells like a 1990 NIB pistol stored at grampa’s house, surely my daughter would say, it stinks, so her getting my wifes, all just as well :sunglasses:

Gun 349.00
Shipping, tax and CC fee100.00
FFL 35.00

But, wifes first ever NIB gun, she’s thrilled, daughter will be also, all good!

These are really awesome pistols if you ever get the opportunity to pick one up.




Nice new gun. And there’s nothing wrong with hand me downs.


Bersa is an underated brand. I loved the .45 acp one I had but you know… couldnt leave well enough alone and “traded up” for something else that I ended up selling.


LOL, yeah, I know that story,

our old one, I got from a friend, it was his dads, I sold it to another friend, he gave it to his wife, traded it back to me, I gave it to my wife (so I wouldnt sell it again) my friend asks to buy it back everytime I see him, not often, but he’s coming over for my daughters birthday

uh-huh, I know


Nice pistol Robert! They are going to enjoy it.

Hand me downs are awesome. That’s how we got our three shotguns.


That’s great! Sounds like everyone will end up happy with that deal and there will be some big smiles when you get to the range with them.

My answer to the question “Should I buy this gun?” has always been “YES! Because then I get to shoot it” :grinning:


Pretty girl you got there. Nice guns, too.


Thank you, for the record those are just photo props simulating real firearms :partying_face:


Phew, cuz I was concerned about where her finger is. :grimacing:


Did you know I found some hens teeth at the flea market?


That brought a smile to my face! I hope my daughter looks as excited as yours in a few years.