Will 7.62x39mm dry up or get banned?


Do you guys think 7.62x39 will “dry up” or get banned? If the anti gun crowd keeps gaining ground do you think x39 is more likely to get banned than .308 or 5.56??
If your “goto” rifle uses x39 this might be a big deal, especially if you are a prepper type.

I think the article makes a point about Trump and Russias relationship putting us at risk of losing access to all the Russian ammo. This would make it so domestic ammo would be the only option and prices would probably go up.

What is your opinion on this?


That is why I stock pile eastern bloc ammo. It is a possibility.


IMO, I don’t expect the x39 to be banned. I’m not a fan of the 7.62x39 because of reloading. I’m sure there’s billions of rounds of steel ammo laying around.


You cant load the commie ammo?


You can, but it takes a lot of patience and it is not economical to do at all.
You can fill the berdan case with water and hydrologicaly remove the primer, but then there is still some fudging around after that.


I have the 7.62x39 in a ruger ranch bolt action, I hope not! As cheap as it’s been I’ve already shot close to 800 rounds so far this summer out of it! Not a lot by semi auto standards, but still a good bit. I was curious if the tariffs or strife with Russia would effect imports of it since so much comes from there.


Its too bad my Arsenal 106 was such a POS , I want an AK but im not liking the way 7.62x39mm is going.


If you buy seller and Bellot 7.62x39 it will be boxer primed! So that’s easy to reload.
There are a few other companies out there, but look for boxer primed brass ammo and you should be good to go!


be happy to supply you with crates of 7.62x39 and btw the article is four years old…


Yea, it is but its still a worry. If you look in the comments people bring up good points on our relationship with Russia and theres already a couple states that are/were working on banning x39 ammo. Believe it or not you guys have better gun laws than a few of our states.


Do you guys think American ammo companies would fill the void or would it just disappear outside of small quantities here and there? Do you think it would become special order stuff or be right up there with .308 or 30-30 in terms of availability?


It’s so popular that US companies will fill the void. There’s too much money to be made. Prices may go up at first, but they’ll settle.


x39 isn’t going no where.
Ban? Doubt it but will turn it in one at a time if need be.
That will take some time for all the $80/1000 spam cans we squirreled in the 1990’s.


The thing is the Russian stuff getting cut off , with Trump and Putin the way they are it wouldnt take much for that to happen.


I think if all we could get was American made ammo, without any competition from foreign competitors, they would bone us out the ass per round! I remember the horrible price gouging a few years back while they were sitting on pallet loads of ammunition in the back storage rooms


Yea x39 was at .308 prices for awhile around here.


Then it would be our job as consumers to refuse buying such ammo from these places. It would be a golden opportunity for someone else (another company) to make the ammo and sell it cheaper to undercut the competition–thus making it a healthy market through competition. Its like petrol stations, once you see one lower the price real cheap all the stations within a stone’s throw will follow. Then they have a nice little price war.

The thing about firearms owners is we are pretty loyal and have common sense. Personally, if I see something like this I usually will give them more business per transaction as a rewards for being pro-consumer.

All that having been said though, I love my Bear ammo…and its made here. So I’m “the problem” for loving their ammo…sue me. :cowboy_hat_face:


So its safe to assume that even if the Russian stuff gets cutoff we will still have access to 7.62x39mm, right?


pretty sure it will come repackaged from the North…


my local WM has the Tula for $9.94 per 40 rounds…If you can’t swing a box or two a week to start a nice stockpile there is no need to worry about what may or may not be banned…IMO for what’s it worth, If you are really a shooter and gun enthusiast you would always have a large amount of ammo…When the Muslim got elected WM had bulk pack Federal 22 for $16 a box, I would buy at least two a week, the ammo case would usually have at least 50 of them all the time…when Newtown happened and the 22 dried up I was sitting pretty…I sold probably 20k rounds at $25 per box and people loved me…I would set up on a wide spot outside of town and throw up a for sale 22 ammo sign and get swamped by people throwing money at me…I could have raped a lot of people but I kept price decent…I even had Grandma’s buying ammo for the grandkids because they could not get any…I always keep at least 20k in 22 ammo, right now it is cheap and plentiful and if you don’t stock up, don’t blame those who do when next crisis happens…